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50 Photos From The “Dogspotting” Group That Prove Meeting A Dog Can Make Your Day Better

Dogs are really great, they are human’s best friend. They have this super ability to make us smile. Life can be a lot fun if you have a dog, indeed they are our loyal companions. Science has proven that dogs can lower our stress levels for both adults and kids. They can be your cuddle partners. Sometimes in life we can feel a bit low but with the company of a dog you are really going to be feel a lot less lonelier.  After coming home from a long tiring day a simple smile from a dog can relieve a lot of your stress. There is a Facebook community Dogspotting which is highly popular AND HAS OVER 1.8 millions members. And it is all about capturing beautiful doggo moments. It is a great place on the internet to hangout. If you are a dog owner you can relate a lot and even if you are not, you are going to find those photos wholesome. So here we have collected best 50 wholesome pictures of dogs and you are going to love it.

1. Look at this bouquet of puppies found at the sea coast, so wholesome!

via: Rachel Kennedy

2. Meet Moose, this puppy, is the cutest thing to look at to.


via: Callie Bless

3. Found this guy carrying this doggo at the Atlanta Airport. See how peacefully he was sleeping.


via: Claire Nielsen

4. These goofballs when first peeped over the wall were scary. But then I realized they only wanted to get petted and now I am all up for it.


via: Thomas Bela Kiss

5. Can’t believe I saw this dog on the street on an actual bicycle seat. But wait, can you spot a torch on this head? How cute is that.


via: Phil Adèle

6. This doggo is here to meet his cow friend and almost looks like her


via: Kenzie Darian Waldkoetter

7. Smiling through the pain of adulting


via: Karen Beth Pearlman

8. Best dogspotting photo of all time


via: Lucy Swari

9. Meet Nelly Gnu, a rescue dog, living her best life. Her smile tells you everything


via: Lauren Fiallo

10. You can not have a better wedding photoshoot than this, do you?


via: Rachel Gabriella Franco

11. Can’t predict whether it’s a dog or a giant teddy bear. We have been informed he two years old. Therefore loves cuddles. Can you believe?

via: Amy Jayne Lloyd

12. This guy knows how to carry dogs in airports


via: Karen Closkey

13. Blue has the most beautiful smile. Her owner says his favourite thing is be petted all day. I want to get hired for this job happily.

via: Jaclyn Lindsay

14. Cooper’s first steps


via: Emma Hedges

15. I love Casey and how he looks like, magnificently adorable

via: teri Paulsen

16. I don’t know what’s up with that dog but he is very angry at the moment


via: Jillian Francis

17. Black Labrador spotted looking like a vampire, but with green teeth. Prolly likes to eat grass instead of drinking blood. We are safe.

via: Matt Hancock-Jones

18. Cuteness overloaded. That cheesy smile!


via: Bianca Simmons

19. If you meet him while shopping you will forgot what you were at the mall for

via: Megan Walker

20. His ears turn like this when he is excited. I cannot stop looking at this cutest pup.


via: Shannon Granholm

21. Can you believe in the make over of this dog? So aesthetic

via: Bailey McGarrell

22. I want to rest like this dog


via: Leona Roos

23. This smiling yawn perfectly captured is everything that you need for today

via: Heather McLaughlin

24. Owner found his doggo a soft corner in the jewellery shop, he is adorable!


via: Fifi de Faoite

25. Gunner has his own private elevator now as he had knee surgery

via: Jessica Stewart Copeland

26. This goldendoodle jumped towards the camera while being captured and it’s the cutest thing I have seen today


via: Morgan Makana Simmons

27. Dewey’s relaxed face is the best thing being captured


via: Karen Beth Pearlman

28. Chance is a therapy pupper who visits hospital often to meet this guard, its beautiful.

via: Lauren Ashley

29. Doggo got no chill.


via: Amanda Crawford

30. Lost baby boy looks into the rescuer eyes with hope

via: Derek Randy Hamm

31. Scary pup hugs owner while on an escalator

via: Monique Callari

32. That eye contact


via: Наташа Лажетић

33. You cannot control a genuine smile after watching this

via: Carolyn Lockwood

34. Queen passes by and everyone watches

via: Anh-Thu Pham

35. When you see it


via: Jakub Grzeszczuk

36. Doggo found the perfect spot to sit

via: Adrienne Halsey

37. Look at his face and then at his title

via: Nicole Perrault

38. Best assistant you will find at the pharmacy


via: Samuel Lorincik

39. Dog peeping through the fence whole looks adorable

via: Kate McClarnon

40. Jackson wants to say something. Must say he is the best dressed

via: Sasha Kulesh

41. Arnold’s eyes are too damn beautiful


via: Karen Beth Pearlman

42. Meet this cute little tiny doggo named Blue

via: Megan Brooke Lane


43. Friendship at it’s peak

via: Tessa Wood

44. “Mr. Steal Yo Girl 15/10 Would Be Catcalled By This Man Again”


via: Arielle Peters

45. Meet Callie Beating she is really beautiful

via: Bree Rose

46. Scooby Doo is that you?

via: Jenny M Svehla

47. Literally the best staff


via: Trexel McGalloway

48. This sleeping doggo is the cutest thing on the internet

via: Tory Atkins

49. The look you get from people when you don’t cover your nose with your face mask

via: Christy Paul

50. Best guardian

via: Julia Pensabene

These photos are a proof that dogs are wholesome. They bring joys in our daily lives and can make it a lot better. These dogs knows how to rock our world. It’s never too late to have a dog, if your life is a little bit dull dogs can make it better and bright. These dogs are super hilarious. We are sure that these pictures have made you smile. Dogs are no wonder the best companions for humans from centuries. Tell us what do you think about these pictures, and when are you planning to have a dog? Don’t forget to share and like. Stay tuned for more fun content.


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