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15 Dumbasses Called Out On The Internet For Their Lies

Nothing can disappear from the internet.

You would think knowing this, people wouldn’t make up lies and then post them somewhere where everyone can see. however, many do exactly that even though anyone can check their details and history from the same account they just posted. We are at the height of misinformation, and we as humans are to blame for that.

We’d rather believe a celebrity selling jade eggs for one’s hoo-hah than actual medical professionals. And let’s not even talk about how so many people think wearing a mask could make them sick even though a mask is basically to prevent exactly that. Although there is one upside to all of this, people can call out these dumbasses when they post stupid stuff like what we are going to explore today.

So hold onto your hats and scroll below.

#1 She probably shouldn’t have done this if she wants a job in the teaching industry in the future.

Via Artificial-Dumbass

#2 Eating frozen food sounds awful but it is clear they are making all of this up.

Via BoricuaDriver

#3 I honestly can’t understand what the point of this even is?

Via JadedAyr

#4 I bet they didn’t think their friend would respond to this comment.

Via mrmrwright

#5 What health condition stops people from wearing a mask? I honestly don’t know.

Via aztnass

#6 Usually a person gets banned for one reason or another on the internet.

Via cyan386

#7 I think we have found our real-life superman on Reddit of all places.

Via Lukeyy19

#8 Sounds like a great story but why not just write it as a story rather than a truth?

Via AffirmPueb

#9 I don’t think anyone would believe that is an actual x-ray.

Via larjus-wangus

#10 Hats off to this person for working their butt off and stealing someone’s pictures is not okay.

Via nevers_

#11 Unless your kid is a prodigy, most children don’t talk like this.

Via acetonegoulash

#12 Would a little google search be that hard before posting this sort of stuff?

Via jaytix1

#13 This person has been really busy with their life. I hope I can work this hard at making lies one day.

Via TubDumForever

#14 Just wear masks, it’s not even uncomfortable once you get used to it.

Via jaytix1

#15 I suppose he heard a phantom band. Who even knows at this point?

Via Project_096

Have you ever caught someone lying or making up stuff on the Internet? If so share your most hilarious interaction in the comments below.


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