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Boss Fires An Employee After She Faints And Is Taken To The Hospital

Pregnancy is difficult on the body.

Even though it is a lovely thing, it can be harmful to one’s health. You must not only eat for two but also ensure that you are getting all of the nutrition required to keep your baby healthy. That is why many people take time off work when they become pregnant to rest their bodies. It also depends on the job, as a desk job may not be as physically demanding as one that requires you to haul heavy objects.

While some exercise is beneficial to the body and is recommended by doctors, you must also ensure that you take a break whenever you feel something is wrong. And that is exactly what happened in this instance. After fainting, she was taken to the emergency room. While she does not go into specifics about why or how it occurred. We know she wasn’t feeling well and that she’s pregnant.

As you might expect, she informed her boss that she would be absent for a few days. Doesn’t that sound reasonable? Apparently not, because the boss was not pleased with this development. You can read the entire story by scrolling down below.

Source: Reddit

This evidently happened a while back and she only posted it now.

In the messages, she is clear from the get-go but the boss doesn’t seem to be listening to her.


This is an emergency and she is in the hospital. What is so hard to understand about this simple statement?


I’m not sure if the boss even heard what she was saying in the first place. I mean, is it just me, or did she clearly say that she’s in the hospital? What else should she be doing? Just to get out of there so she could get to work? Not only that, but the manager fired her not long after, fabricating an excuse to avoid legal repercussions. People like these have never made sense to me. Do they not have any empathy for anyone? Was it really the best time to fire her when she was obviously going through a difficult time? I understand that the boss only has three employees, but in my humble opinion, this was not the way to go.

The original poster of this story went into a bit more detail and explained everything.


People were appalled by her manager’s behaviour and said that all of this was illegal but she didn’t really have a case.


So while it would have been amazing to see justice get done, it wasn’t in the cards right now.


The boss needs to really read the messages and then answer.


What do you think about this story? In this situation, what would you do? Would you quit if your bosses treated you like this? Would you pursue legal action or let it go? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, and don’t forget to share this story with your friends so they can participate in the discussion as well.


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