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30 Times People Shared Wholesome Encounters With Celebrities And These Celebs Made Their Day

A sweet, unexpected encounter with your favorite celebrity can make your day a thousand times better.

Imagine you are walking down the street and you suddenly see your favorite celebrity there or being so lucky to share the same flight with one of the famous heroes. How would you feel? Awesome, right? What’s better than an unexpected encounter with a celeb that you adore so much in real life? It’s a dream come true meeting your favorite celebrity. Some celebrities seem kind on the screen but when we meet them in real life, the experience is totally different but that’s not the case with every famous celeb out there. Some are really kind and down to Earth. They would go the extra mile to make sure their fans have a good time with them. They would greet you nicely, talk to you for hours or maybe take a selfie with you. You never know how a celebrity would react, so before you run into your favorite celebrity. Have zero expectations in your head and we are sure you will have a great encounter with celebs that you would never be able to forget. Even if they leave the Earth, you would always remember them as how good of a person they were or how kind they were to you when you met them. Today, we are sharing 30 wholesome encounters with celebrities. These celebs made someone’s day with their kind and loving personalities. So, scroll down to go through the lovely experiences these people had with celebs.


1. Keanu Reeves is such a humble man. We need more people like him.

Source: buckyturco

2. The reason why we love Obamas:


Source: ourobororoboruo

3. Why you should not stop loving her:


Source: gdimelow

4. A great actor and an amazing human being he is.


Source: AnnaKEdwards

5. That’s adorable.


Source: iameringould

6. When Carrie Fisher has her way to surprise you.


Source: ThatRealDani

7. R.I.P Robbin Williams. You were a great man and a great performer.


Source: ShaneScottravis

8. Imagine what if Judi Dench picked up the call lol.


Source: Andymc1983

9. Bryan Cranston is sweet, kind and friendly.


Source: TheNazzaro

10. Encounter with Jon Bon Jovi.


Source: ChuckBonfig

11. Mel Brooks is a great comedian.

Source: pjmarino1

12. A sweet encounter with Ernie Hudson.


Source: gordonmjackson

13. When you are nobody but a celeb makes you feel like a peer:

Source: davecobb

14. Carrie Fisher is good at everything lol.


Source: davecobb

15. Meryl Streep, a humble human being and an incredible actress.

Source: yosub

We love celebrities and admire their work. They are who they are because of us. If we stop admiring them and watching their work, they would be nothing but common people like us. The only thing that makes them celebrities is their kind and sweet behavior towards their fans. Our celebrities win our hearts once again with their friendliness and down-to-earth personalities. These sweet encounters are the reason why we are their fans. A fan would always remember the way a celebrity met them, whether good or bad. Celebrities should give them a good moment they would never forget. Scroll down to go through more wholesome encounters with celebrities.

16. George Takei is a genuine guy.


Source: Walter_Foreman

17. When you get to meet Muhammad Ali at the airport and he draws you a picture of him and Frazier in the ring:

Source: kkdumez

18. When Dan Aykroyd made a little boy’s day:


Source: juliepergrem

19. You have to be kind and down-to-earth to say such a thing.

Source: HearMeColin

20. Pierce Brosnan initiated the talk, wow.


Source: rachel_is_here

21. R.I.P. Anthony Bourdain. You were a great man.

Source: mariehunziker

22. Mark Hamill is charming, funny and full of wisdom.


Source: PhilipNByrne

23. Harrison Ford, the coolest guy.

Source: mmmonda

24. How to react if Guillermo Del Toro calls you “my boy”?

Source: kibblesmith

25. Carole King, the sweetest lady.

Source: alyssamarie022

26. Encounter with Stevie Wonder and John Mayer.


Source: Violetskyye

27. A sweet encounter with Mr. Rogers.


Source: PeterCorless

28. Sigourney Weaver is warm and kind to her fans.

Source: ElisabethRappe

29. Tom Hanks.


Source: WaterstonesPicc

30. Pete Seeger picking up trash in the middle of the night.

Source: m_tisserand

We are happy to know the celebrities we love and admire are kind in real life and this post has made our day. What about you? Have you ever unexpectedly met a celebrity? If yes, which celebrity and how was your experience meeting them in real? Comment down to share your experience.


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