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11 Disney Princesses Dressed Up As Horror Icons

Do you want spooky Disney Princesses?

I know that we have all seen hundreds of reimaginings of Disney Princesses and that trope is quite played out by now. We have even seen them as monsters or such. However, what if Disney movies let these Princesses dress up in costumes for Halloween? Only Halloween-themed movies have such things and no Disney Princess has ever done this.

Well, this is where artists come in. One artist wanted to recreate their favorite Disney Princesses in Halloween costumes. And dare I say all of them look beautiful. From Ariel To Cinderella, all the classic Princesses are here. All of these are different in their own right while also capturing the personalities of each princess. And you can take a look for yourself by scrolling below. 

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#1 The red hair really ties everything together and she didn’t even have to wear a wig.


#2 Why would someone want to hide that beautiful figure behind a Scream costume?


I am 29 years old and based in Russia, the city of Yessentuki. I have been painting my whole life, since the age of 8. I have dreamed of becoming a designer and studied at an art school for 6 years.I love Halloween. In Russia, people don’t celebrate this occasion as Americans do. However, we do have parties, and to me, they’re great fun. I love horror films but I have been a Disney fan as well.

I selected the costumes for the princesses intuitively, for example, Mulan seemed perfect to become Samara Morgan from The Ring. -Anastasia

#3 Either she dyed her long hair or found a wig exactly her own hair’s length.


#4 Chucky has never looked so life-like.


#5 If this puppet come towards me on a bicycle, I would run away.


#6 This is Samara from The Ring.


The artist behind these artworks goes by the name Anastasia Kosyanova and she is actually Russian. She had already done Disney Princesses reimagined in modern-day clothing which you can see as the before pictures. She has garnered a dedicated following and we can see why. She clearly has a unique style which is apparent in all of her artworks. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

#7 She will haunt your dreams.

#8 Did Snow White eat the poison apple and turn into this?


#9 At least she kept her sense of style even when she turned into a zombie.

#10 The beast might have accidentally infected her.


#11 That scythe has definitely seen some use and she clearly hasn’t been keeping up with her beauty sleep.

What are your thoughts on these Disney Princesses turned horror icons? Which is your favorite costume? Comment down below and let us know.


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