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36 Entitled People Who Have Got It All Wrong About Life

Karens, I mean entitled people are always wrong, and that too so confidently.

If you’ve ever had a conversation with an entitled person and that conversation has prolonged to almost 10 minutes, you are supposed to have 2 paracetamols or even a brain scan for any potential damages. Entitled people, for anyone who has been living under a rock (sorry), are people full of themselves. Their egos are so inflated, that it makes all their senses and emotions go numb. And don’t even get me started on the superiority that they feel they have over every single person on this planet. I wonder what would happen if two entitled people ever collide? No one has ever seen it happen because it is a cult, they move together and are slowly trying to take over the world. One thing is for sure, if anyone gets stuck with an entitled person, surely they did something wrong in the past and that meeting would be their punishment.


Entitled people are more famously known as “Karens”, that lady who always wants to see the manager or would want to call the police because you want her to move out of the way. These Karens are bound to infuriate anyone they come in contact with. There is an entire subreddit dedicated to such moments. Well, if you are on that side of the scene, you would hate those moments and would get angry beyond belief but if you are on this side of the screen, you are going to enjoy these moments quite a lot. The famous subreddit goes by the name Mildly Infuriating. The subreddit was formed back in 2012 and since its life of 10 years, it has gained almost 4.5 million members. The page is filled with lots ad lots of incidents related to Karens, I mean entitled people.

Are you guys ready for your blood to be boiled? Scroll down below and enjoy some classic entitled people fails.

1. He asked for a discount, got the discount, decided to give a lecture on veterans, and then return the discount. Brains!

Via Otherwise_Quiet2324

2. You didn’t really have to narrate all that down, friend.


Via devilslettucesalad

3. “Just shut up and buy it.” Sorry Karen, not going to happen.


Bish just let the damn person investigate. Oh my god, I am already infuriated.

Via DinkleburtDinkleburt

4. They form arguments out of nothing. Pure magic.


Via kiddo-l

5. Mr. Kanye West once went to Bape in 2005, tried every single shoe they had available in his size and walked out without buying any.


Via SnooShortcuts3641

6. This person posted a bad review about the hotel on and they decided to keep their deposit and not return it. Why? Ego got hurt.


Via coreybeavers1999

7. Imagine the amount of LGBTQ people this piece of paper must have infuriated.


It’s a freakin movie about a toy. Give people a break, you entitled souls.

Via Spiritual-Breath-139

8. That argument has never worked, I mean, if you can buy a better version for cheap, why even are you negotiating with this person.


Via HyperPickle9

9. So in order to become a Karen, you have to have zero brain cells.


Via Mr_Legend2006

10. Oh my god, this person is so full of themself. Went on to call a really good career a hobby and demanded free tattoos. Sure!


Via rockpaperpowerfist

11. This car driver thinks he is entitled to 4 parking spots for his one truck in front of Home Depot.

Via RAB806

12. Businesses that have such disgusting policies never survive in the longer run.


Via Jaded-Dot-5239

13. James basically slapped himself with his own hand by criticizing Leto for hooking up with under-aged girls.

Via greatcheshire

14. His wife couldn’t use the entertainment screen because the entitled person sitting in front of her didn’t trust the seat covers.


Via grimsical

15. Sorry parent, but history is not complete without that specific portion and your son will have to complete the assignments. Shouldn’t have created that portion of history in the first place if you don’t want to revisit it.

Via thewrestlingnord

16. It’s the staff’s fault that this person didn’t read the instructions. Right.


Via Upset_Force66

17. Priorities.

This one is kinda funny more than infuriating but I have been in such situations and it makes me so mad when a group member procrastinates.

Via Incognito_Tomato

18. Just spit out the god damn rent dude!


Via tobleronefanatic123

On a very serious note, does anyone know why these entitled people do the things they do? There has got to be some purpose behind all this. Or maybe they just don’t have any brain cells to take rational life choices. I really hate entitled people, I am so mad right now. If these posts are mildly infuriating you, imagine how infuriated those people would feel who make direct contact with such people.

19. It’s whatever. Such a Karen thing to say or type.

Via beastmodeChadF13

20. You are supposed to stop the kid from ruining the wall, grandma!


Via BigfootDynamite

21. She needs to bust his ass to his fiancee right now.

Via Carrotcutie69

22. The delivery guy bit into the bag, ate a little piece and rushed away. I would be so mad. Food and mood ruined.


Via yehonatanhersh

23. “Been in the hospital a week with my SO and I’m finally getting out today and my mother posted a screenshot of my blood work lab from this morning on Facebook because she doesn’t think I should be discharged yet.”

Via TheCodexPlays

24. Why don’t you just get your hair cut and leave? Simple, right?

Via The_Unknown_Dead

25. I swear I loath people who do this. What even is the need!

Via heftyballer

26. Does she realize that those males didn’t magically appear in her friendliest? One requests and the other accepts.


Via Some-Cut-4530

27. “I took a family member to the ICU for substance-related, life-threatening issues. After getting additional information from me about that family member, the (male) nurse got my number as an emergency contact and has been blowing up my phone all day.”


Via BijinRisin

28. People who take up more than one spot to park their cars deserve to be boiled in hell.


29. “Employer denied me one recurring day off per week that coincides with my girlfriend’s one recurring day off.”


Via tarfu51

30. She was offered free head and body shot photos which she wanted to send to a modeling agency. The friend only asked for Uber expenses from her and she ended up losing the deal by being an entitled a**.

Via omar2134Report

31. We have just spotted a wild full-of-himself-and-his-country entitled person.

Via Odd-Instruction-359

32. This is a private message a person received after not agreeing to something this entitled person had said.


Via jupiter565

33. “When my neighbor in the building accused me of lying…”

Via YourInfidelityInMe

34. “Saw this posted and noticed a glaring contradiction.”

Via Maeglin16

35. Are they actually implying that they want contractors to use unskilled labor? Okay.


Via adidas233784

36. “An adult sexualizing a 16-year-old character. Why. I hate cosplayers now, they think this is okay and especially in public???”

Via strawberryhomo

So, have we transitioned from mildly infuriated to fully infuriated by now? Try cooling down by looking at our other funny posts.

I hope you guys enjoyed viewing this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more mildly infuriating moments!


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