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Entitled People With Their Crazy Demands

You don’t always get what you want.

No matter how much you want that x-box if you don’t have the money for it. You are not gonna get it. The real world is not a fantasy and that means working for the things you want. However, there is a minority of people who think they ‘deserve’ free stuff. Why? Because they are either a ‘single mother’ or a ‘kid who’s dying.’

Entitled people like these think that if someone doesn’t give them what they want, then they are being heartless. You would have undoubtedly come across people like these if you have tried to sell anything on the Internet. I have a lot of experience with this. People saying they are students and that they desperately need something so I should give it to them for basically free.

The following we have people like these. So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 So pay someone just so you can ‘sell’ your free microwave? Makes sense.

Via YourLocalLoco

Hmmm… throw microwave in recycle bin or pay Garry $25 to take it, wow, such a hard decision! –ClownfishSoup

#2 If this worked, I’d get everything for free.

Via fegoc180

#3 If someone finds this job, let me know.

Via NerveStruck

#4 Being a student automatically means you get discounts?

Via unsh1728

#5 I never knew to propose you had to do it the ‘right’ way.

Via unsh1728

#6 Really? Does this person feel good about themselves?

Via jellymouthsman

#7 If that’s how it worked, everything would be sold in pennies.

Via  DonThaMon9012

$280 would be way too much for a used Switch in a normal market. Right now, though? Actually pretty reasonable. –OriginalSilentTuba

#8 Is this person like a celebrity or something or offer a date?

Via pointy-lil-hedgehog

#9 Does this mother have enough money to raise her child?

Via lunardownpour

I posted a washer and dryer set yesterday for $550. I stated in the ad that the buyer needed to bring help loading because I wasn’t helping. I received a message from someone stating that he would load himself if I sold them to him for $300. I thanked them for their interest and told them I would pass on their offer.

Yeah, I’m going to give you an almost 50% discount for something that you’re supposed to do anyway. –RavenAngel23

#10 He wants the mattress that you sleep on.

Via electro_808

#11 1k followers mean you’re a respected influencer?

Via  Awkward_Dog

I mean, I would jump at the opportunity to have skeletor promote my products. –BKCowGod

#12 I’m guessing neither is 50%?

Via mcpro12345678

#13 Well, this person got rude real quick.

Via Foxass

My buddy has one (prob different brand or model or whatever) trust me they are a bit bigger than they look. Hell if i lived near you id buy that in a heartbeat. My buds was scary but fun.  –Squeewa

#14 He is quite frustrated about this huh?

Via Appletwoshoes

#15 Better yet just don’t invite this person at all.

Via jackson_yu

If you’ve been INVITED then you don’t get to judge, just be happy they even considered you.

Have you ever come across entitled people like these? Comment down below and let us know.


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