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Exhausted Cashier Calls Out Elderly Customers For Trauma Dumping On Workers

Anyone who has worked for minimum wage with the general public can attest to the trauma. What not everyone will tell you is that sometimes this pain stems from the customer’s trauma as well as your own. As a random stranger paid to provide a service for others, you meet a surprising number of people who can’t help but overshare. It has begun to irritate u/-FemaleEnergy, a cashier who is tired of being treated like an impromptu therapist by those she is ringing up.


When she posted a rant about this behavior to r/TrueOffMyChest, claiming that it was affecting her own mental health, it sparked a thread that was both interesting and sad in its explanation of the behavior, as well as some tragic examples. Therapy may not be available to everyone, but it should be. We all take mental health as a joke but in reality, it should be treated like a physical problem is treated. Keep on scrolling down below and see what’s the real deal and make sure you watch it till the end otherwise, you are not going to get the whole point here.

1. Take this title seriously please everyone

Font - r/TrueOffMyChest u/-FemaleEnergy • 15h 31 91 01 Please, for fucks sake, tell your parents/ grandparents to STOP trauma dumping on the cashier. Seriously, how did we go from "Hello, do you need a bag?" To "My father used to beat me with a leather belt when I was young, bless his soul, he died from lung cancer four years ago"? What the actual fuck am I supposed to say? I have never met you, don't even know your name, why do you feel the need to tell me that? I understand that some people fe

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2. It’s okay to burst out sometimes

Font - Working as a cashier is already emotionally draining enough, I'm already fighting my own fucking demons whilst working this fucking 10hr shift. I understand that I may come as off as insensitive (which, I'm not, I'm a very loving person) but at this point I just don't say anything or ignore them because this is not even something that happens once or twice a day, it's happens constantly. People have to learn boundaries, and clients have no boundaries with retail workers, it's draining. Th


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3. We all hope that she is doing okay

Font - onelonelywhumperfly 13h I don't always mind it, but god DAMN have I heard some stories. Like the elderly lady who came into Michaels to buy red white and blue fake flowers. I commented on how pretty the flowers were, and she said "yeah, I'm planning to make a wreath for my husband's grave. He died on Tuesday." Cue me just sort of trying to stammer out an "oh gosh I'm so sorry", only for her to say "and then I can reuse it for the Fourth of July!" very happily. I keep thinking about that l


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4. It needs a lot of mental stability to deal with such jobs

Rectangle - natsugrayerza 10h I was a cashier at target and a woman was buying shoes. She told me they were for her sons funeral. I was crying when I rang up the next person. I hope she's okay. I don't think I even said anything helpful. I hope she didn't think I didn't care


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5. What is this an excuse for breaking in and stealing a damn helicopter?

Font - Endlessly Unfinished 13h Former security here: I'd get it when someone is doing some messed up shit they know they aren't supposed to be doing... Guy breaking into building: my dad beat me and my mom never loved me Me: that's great but how does that apply to you trying to break in to steal a helicopter??


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6. And you still chose the way that leads to destruction only

Font - clumsyumbrella 10h 1 Award My husband did asset protection for a large retailer in the US and he would get that all the time after catching someone stealing. He was very knowledgeable about community resources because I worked in the mental health/ substance abuse field in the area. He would keep their cards on hand so that he could respond in a beneficial manner. Share some trauma - he will ask if you'd like resources to help you get the professional help you need in order to process the


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7. This is hilarious

Human body - over_clox 15h This is largely the basic premise of the meme: "Sir, this is a Wendy's"


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8. Words of wisdom

Font - BoneHugsHominy 9h What OP is describing is called "Social Allergens" because with small exposure we might get a short period of feeling a little down but with high exposure it can cause serious mental health issues. Another aspect is something sociologist Mark Granovetter calls "the strength of weak ties" in which people don't really talk about these things to close friends and family out of fear, and he posits this can be a net positive by making these small connections to people who can


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9. Let it go in one ear and out the other

Font - I think the Catholic Church really had an understanding of people in the 5th century when they began confessions, allowing people to unload their darkest secrets to someone in a trusted position that isn't really in their social circle and doing so in anonymity. Of course it wasn't truly anonymous but even just a screen separating the 2 parties was enough of a barrier for people to feel safe revealing everything from guilty thoughts of wanking to the neighbor to serial murder. So at the e


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10. I literally feel sad for that poor lady

Font - sunnygeorgia 12h One time I was standing in line and this old woman was blabbering my ear off, and I was just being polite nodding and smiling. She says "me and my friends from school are going on a trip to New Zealand" and I said "Oh, that will be nice." Suddenly, her entire demeanour went from chatty to creepy and she says, "It better be or I'm going to fucking kill myself." WTF. Then she broke down in tears talking about how everyone is dead.. her parents are dead. She was like 90-year


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11. What a time?

Font - AbyssCity 14h Reminds me of when I worked in a grocery store bakery. Woman came in with a black and white photo of a newborn baby and wanted a cake made that said "Happy birthday insert baby boy name here." I'm doing my job, making sure I have the size, flavor, etc correct. I ask to be sure "You wanted it to say 'happy birthday name' in blue, was that right?" and then suddenly I was being told about how the baby photo I was holding was of her prematurely birthed stillborn baby she'd had l

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Often people are so lonely that they don’t even have anyone to talk to or to let their burden be a little less. Sadly a lot of people still think that there are no such issues as mental health issues, and we have to do something about it. The people OP discovered at her job had one thing in common and that was they were lonely as heck and they didn’t have anyone to talk about. So we should just accept the fact that mental health matters and we need to start having some sessions for the sake of our own health,

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