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16 Polydactyl Cats Who Have Extra Toe Beans For Humans To Worship

Nature blessed these cats with some extra beans, or did it bless us?

The reason why I say did nature bless us is because genetic variation or diversity in any animal always turns out to be so spectacular. They adopt a new feature, or a blend of different, vibrant colors, or something we have never seen before. And the best thing is, these animals manage to pull off all these mixes and blends. And when lucky owners of such animals share pictures of their crazy good appearance, thanks to nature, it makes our day and that is why I said nature ends up blessing us with all the genetic modification it does on animals.


Polydactyl is a genetic condition due to which you end up having extra fingers or toes. Cats being polydactyl would mean they get extra toe beans on their paws. To be very honest, I don’t think there is anyone else in the world who can pull off extra toes as these cats can.

The thing is, cats are already the best in every department, they look extremely adorable, they are adventurous, they like to party, they are caring, they are moody, and the list can go on and on. So when you see a genetic modification on a cat that makes it even better, those who are crazy about cats, their love for cats gets even stronger.

Let’s enjoy adorable pictures of these polydactyl cats. They are bound to win your hearts in a flash.

Scroll down below for some pure wholesomeness.

1. Those actually look like little jelly beans that I could stare at forever.

Via u/Sharmasaurusrex

2. Philo has a total of 11 toes, 6 on the back and 5 on the front.


Via u/TheBeardedAntt

3. This guy went and bought a cat and luckily got one who had extra beans.


Via u/ONIEseOU

4. “My polydactyl kitty has a dew toe where it shouldn’t be and one and a half pads. He has wonky beans.”


Via u/WithoutDennisNedry

5. I think it’s the color, they look so tiny and cute.


Via u/megabits

6. “Jelly bean toes of a polydactyl cat I fostered a while ago”


Via u/curlyhairnotveryfair

7. “Winnie’s polydactyl good morning beans”


Via u/littlejilly

8. “Winnie said thanks for the love! More polydactyl good morning beans for you!”


Via u/littlejilly

You have got to give it to these cats, they all do look very spectacular with those extra pink beans in their paws. There is just something so cute about it that my heart cannot stop melting when I look at these pictures. I could look at these for hours.

The thing is, cats were born to be kings and queens. With this extra modification, these ones look like they were born to be one chair above the kings and queens. I love nature and the things it does to bless our guys. Keep it up! Just don’t do anything that would hurt our beautiful cuties.

Let’s look at some more polydactyl cats and get our wholesomeness levels to an all-time high.

9. “So many beanzzzz. This is a 4.5-month-old polydactyl mane coon, he’s gonna be so big”


Via u/cfuller1001

10. “Polydactyl beans growing out of the darkness”


Via u/Claviature

11. “My sister’s cat ChouMing.”

Via u/Gustavemonchat

12. “Rear-end polydactyl beans!”


Via u/your-conscience-

13. Just stunning and nothing else.

Advertisement by UDM

Via u/wulizhen

14. The total of 4 paws have a total of 27 beans.


Via u/strawberrycarpet

15. Haha, human. I now have more weapons to attack you.

Via u/bepinha

16. Polydactyl cat has extra toe beans in exotic black.


Via u/Cynthiadawn

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Have you guys ever met a cat who was given extra gifts by the nature?

Stay tuned for more goodness!


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