21 Facts That Will Make You Smarter Than You Already Are

In today’s world, everything is moving fast and happening quickly. We are all in a race. A race to compete with each other and win. We do so much to groom our personalities to appear likeable and knowledgeable. This way we can easily initiate or engage in an interesting conversation with others. The ones with great speaking powers and good communication skills always win in all situations. Everyone wants to appear smart. In fact, be smart and to the point. For this, we have to always keep ourselves updated with the latest technology and trending topics. After all, what’s the use of all the communicational skills and speaking powers when you do not have anything to say? All that charisma goes to waste with shallow words and empty conversations. Small talks are often a turn-off and on top of that, it doesn’t earn you the level of respect you are expecting.


To make your conversations more informative, we are sharing with you more than twenty facts that will add more value to your speech. With these people will not only benefit from you, but also see you as a well-read person. You can always find more of these interesting unknown facts on the Instagram page of Weird Facts (@factsweird ).

Never thought you had you get high in order to hack.

OCD at it’s finest

There’s a word for this!? Cool…

That is such a delightful gesture.

In the face of all the people who say, women only belong in the kitchen.

It’s startling how some people can even think that women are incapable of doing anything other than household chores. I mean, come on! What makes you think so? Just because a man is more muscle than a woman doesn’t mean her analytical skills are any less than a man’s. There are so many women in history who have proven with their extraordinary skills, research work, and discoveries, what they’re worth. Women can nor only be the queen of the house and manage home, kids, husband but also work side by side her man to make the ends meet.

They should pass it on.

Zombie apocalypse cockroach version?

The is brand new intresting information.

These people are well prepared for time traveling.

Thats why people have to get drunk before they confess their feelings for their crush.

Or write songs… You need to be yourself.

WOW! I’m requesting Toy Story.

Never thought this was even a feeling…

Cats are very smart… and manipulative.

Couldn’t agree more!

Human is the most dangerous animal in the world. No wonder why all others are at a risk or are extinct.

Well it’s all about priorities.

If God wills not, no one gets harm.

After that event they, now double check before the flight. Try your best to avoid all uncertainty.

The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.

A great leader

So there are cats in all walks of life. This one was a soldier.

Never underestimate a cat.

Japan knows how to get the work done efficiently. *Rest of the world, take notes*

Education level over 9000

Japan is well known for it’s discipline and manners. These people are highly organized. Now we know where it is coming from.

Now that’s a nice trick.

Hope you enjoyed these unusual facts. We did too. If you have something, that you think can add value to the community, drop it down in the comments below. Don’t forget to share with your friends. Afterall, sharing is caring.


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