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18 Wholesome Stories That Prove Every Family Needs A Pet

A pet should be a must for most families.

Especially if you’ve just had a child. After all, what’s better than a pet growing up with your child and forming a strong bond with the kid? Nothing I tell you. And it is scientifically proven that pets can indeed affect your health and even make you happier as a general rule. Not only that just imagine how much money you will save on babysitter costs if you have a pet.


Now, I am not saying you leave a baby with a pet alone but what I am saying is that any kind of pet can become a great companion and helps you feel less alone. I am sure many can attest to this especially nowadays. And you will never feel more loved as you will when you have a pet. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the following pictures and you’ll understand.

#1 Just look at all the love in those eyes!

Via Chris_Isur_Dude

And they called it “puppy love”.

#2 He can’t stop looking at you with affection.

Via poutinegalvaude

It’s safe to say that Winston is smitten with me.

#3 A gag gift turned into a beautiful thing.

Via Terriere

My cat never leaves my side. Someone gave me a hoodie with a ‘cat pouch’ in it as a gag gift… She rides around in it and just stares at my face.

#4 Bitsy is quite the chonkers cat if I say so myself.

Via Mother_Of_Felines

This is Bitsy. Bitsy is not my cat. She greets me and my boyfriend on our way home from the grocery store by barreling out of her yard and demanding pets.

All hail Bitsy!

#5 Isn’t that smile just melting your heart?

Via agirlandsomeweed

#6 The cat has chosen your dad, you can’t do anything about it.

#7 Now I wish I had a cat. I guess my hair will do for now.

Via Unknown

Every time I code at my kitchen table, my cat turns into a neck warmer.

#8 She is in for one heck of a surprise!

Via baxterrocky

My daughter has been begging us for a kitten for months. We’ve told her in no uncertain terms we are NOT getting a kitten.

This is what awaits her on Christmas morning.

#9 That is the look of pure happiness.

Via -TuRbRoN-

The look on my daughter’s face when I tell her she gets to adopt a kitten as a surprise birthday present.

#10 I think I need to get a dog asap.

Via ADirtyBurrito

One year ago, I traveled to a dog shelter in hopes of finding a friend for life. The moment he locked eyes with me that day, he knew he wanted me to take him home. The manager of the shelter warned me that my dog Ace was a very active dog and a whip for a tail. I never knew how much energy this dog had in him!

Everyday this dog wants a longer and longer walk, and thanks to him, I am now able to give him those walks. In the picture on the left, I weighed in at 348 pounds. The picture on the right, I weighed in this morning at 265. It’s remarkable how much one decision to give a friend a home and another chance at a family gave myself a longer and healthier chance at life.

Thank you Ace. You are my good boy. I’m glad you came home with me

#11 He will protect her from all the math problems by eating her homework.

Via frogsarefallingdown

Adopted him a month ago and he immediately decided his job was to protect my little sister. Never leaves her side.

#12 Everyone needs a hug now and then.

Via Jononya

Had her for a week, I think he loves her!

#13 When you can’t find a stepping stool and have to make-do.

Via TishaK

#14 I think I might be dying from cuteness overload.

Via JibblinJubbler

My baby with my dog’s babies.

#15 It’s so you don’t miss him too much.

Via Nanana_Nicole

My dad sends me photos of him and my dog while I’m gone at college.

#16 The whole family in one beautiful picture.

Via queenofstickers

My girlfriend and I adopted a puppy last month, and this might be my favorite family picture we’ve taken yet.

#17 This is like my nightmare and my dream all at once.

Via GalaxyOctopus

A full grown Flemish giant rabbit, which can grow up to 3 feet long.

#18 Who knew alligators could look this cute as well?

Via wallpaper-engineer

The happiness just can’t be contained.

Via AffectionateName

Making me smile every day since ‘06.

What did you think of these stories and beautiful images? Do they make you want to get a pet? Or do you already have so many, you have no time to take care of yourself? Comment down below and let us know. And don’t forget to spread the joy by sharing the love.


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