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24 People Who Bought Cool Gifts for Their Pets But Weren’t Ready For Their Reaction

Pets have a quite simplified perception of the world, which is a fact that we, as humans, tend to overlook from time to time. As our pets start to get accustomed to living their lives accompanied by us day after day, they start to adopt some of our habits and personality traits. This, of course, helps the narrative that these adorable little creatures aren’t much different from us after all. It is only when these hilarious instances of their pure cluelessness and misinterpretation make us helpless in the hands of our laughter that we realize how simple and naïve they really are.


Sometimes we overestimate the need for the products, or the sellers send us the wrong products and things start to take a turn south before our pets even get to see what we brought for them. But when it comes to being hilariously oblivious to the efforts we make, our pets go all out.

We have compiled a collection of moments, captured by various pet owners, of their pets, showing bizarre and humorous reactions to the purchases thoughtfully made for them.

1. When you just wanted to get your dog a comfortable place for him to sleep in and it works out perfectly. Just not in the way you had expected.

Via  9999monkeys / Reddit

2. The owner bought a window hammock for this cat who loves staring out the window, anyways…

Via ArchipelagoMind / Reddit

“So glad I bought my cat a window hammock.”

3. Ordering an automatic ball thrower went wrong.

Via  the_smush_push / Reddit© baaabaaab***h / Reddit

“— Ordered an automatic dog ball launcher but got a tennis ball instead.
— You’re the ball launcher now.”

4. Cats are pretty innocent.


Cats are simple creatures. You make them a place for them to rest comfortably and they’ll never set foot in it, ever!

5. Sitting in this shark bed made this dog sad.

Via SoggyWotsits / Reddit

Well, more like sooper angry!

6. That betrayed look just seems to scream, “Don’t tell me YOU are the cat-hater in question, hooman. Don’t you dare!”

Via  FrenchiesRule / Imgur

Cover caption, “Cat-Hater’s Handbook”

7. Thank you for the nice and warm bed, but no, I would rather not be sleeping in it.

Via deemadigan / Twitter

“Nice bed, but I certainly won’t sleep in it.”

8. Well, at least they weren’t lying about the smile their product would bring to your dog.

Via  joeltb / Reddit

9. Dogs aren’t ungrateful animals.

Via neburvlc / Reddit

10. Trying to make your cat look cuter, expectations vs reality.

Via Antoine_LSTF / Reddit

11. Ads can be really deceiving sometimes.

Via  HopperBit / Reddit

12. Shouldn’t this have been at least twice as large as it is because, well, um?

Via jakkiwoo / Reddit

Our pets, being endlessly pure in their nature, are truly a source of endless joy and adoration in our lives. It brings us a great deal of satisfaction when we spend our money in an attempt to make their lives just a little more comfortable and fun. But, when the things we buy for them didn’t go well, it’s fun to watch their hilarious expressions.

Are you enjoying checking out these pictures? Then just keep scrolling down to have more fun.

13. Oops! that’s a portion control food maybe.

Via  roastedbagel / Reddit
Advertisement by UDM

14. Your cats will always favor the box you were about to throw away.

Via BYUNGHUT / Reddit

“New sofa? No, we haven’t seen it.”

15. No matter how an unimaginable number of beds you buy, cats always love sleeping in unusual places.

Via theotherbowoon / Twitter

“I have 2 cat trees and cat beds all over the place, but my cat would rather sleep in our fake tree.”

16. At least the cat now has an excuse for not hanging around here anymore.

Via  jamiej27 / Reddit

17. This owner really went ahead and gave cat food a whole new meaning.

Via KuzyT / Pikabu

18. This man bought a banana bed for this tiny baby.

Via  blackkitteh19 / Reddit

“I bought an XL banana bed and thought the cat would look cute lying in it. But here’s what he does instead.”

19. Hey Hooman, where’s the second side table?

Via  gluk7c5 / Pikabu

20. Aww! Someone, please feed this black furry baby.

Via Moohcow / Reddit

“Ever since we started using an automatic feeder, my cat sits in front of it like this for hours waiting for it to feed her.”

21. Is this how medieval artists used to paint portraits for their cats?

Via ThurstonWaffles / Twitter

22. How is this thing inside the house?

Via Zacitus / Reddit

“I bought my indoor cat a square of grass, and I think I broke his brain. He’s been staring at it like this for 20 minutes.”

23. Hey Hooman, I didn’t do that.

Via CommonSchemeForYou / Reddit

24. This cat is patiently waiting for the owner to call.

Via The paper / YouTube

The owner of this cat didn’t call for some reason, and this is how this kitty was sitting in front of the camera the whole night. That’s why we shouldn’t make our loved ones wait for any reason.

Do you love buying clothes, toys, and different snacks for your pets? If yes, how do they react to them? Do your pets have a difficult time grasping the logic behind the new products you buy for them? Let us know about all your interesting experiences with your pets and their reactions to the products your buy for them. We would love to hear all your stories!


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