28 Fun Facts To Enlighten Your Brains With More Relevant Knowledge

Forget about everything you think you know.

I just quoted Mordi and The Ancient One from the movie Doctor Strange. They say it when Strange enters Kamartaj to learn mystic arts. This line basically meant that all the knowledge Strange has so far acquired is a minute piece of sand compared to what he is about to acquire and learn. This is something very relevant if we link this to real life. There is so much we all are still unaware of. Most of us don’t even know if our sibling is in a relationship or not. So, the world we are not yet aware of can be considered something pretty crazy. If we take all that movies tell us by heart, then there is a lot of dark energy out there that has plans to disintegrate the multiverse. But don’t worry, we will be taking care of the fun side of things for today, the darkness shall be discussed some other day. Facts! There are so many out there. You may not know a very important fact about me and vice versa, there is an unlimited number of facts out there and it is impossible for everyone to know all of them. So we are going to try to be aware of some of them.


Today we have compiled some of the best facts for you guys that are really fun and you wouldn’t regret having them added to your knowledge.

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1. Roasters shut their ear canals every time before they crow so it doesn’t have to go through the pain of that deafening sound.

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2. If you think about it, ground cinnamon is literally just sawdust.


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3. Apple only licenses its products for movies and tv shows if the heroes will use them and not the villains.


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4. Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, and Napoleon had a fear of cats.


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5. Human eyes have their own immune system which the body’s main immune system has no idea about. If it had known about it, the two would’ve considered each other as invaders and would’ve fought.


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6. Finnish soldier Aimo Koivunen got separated from his unit and was left with no food or water. In order to survive, he took a drug dose of meth enough for 30 people. These allowed him to pull through as he ended up walking 250 miles, eating raw birds, and surviving landmines.


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7. During the civil war between Haiti and the French. The French sent Polish people to negotiate the matter with the Haiti people but they ended up joining their revolution after seeing how they treated the slaves.


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8. In 1942, Polish soldiers who were deployed to Iran returned with a bear they got from an Iranian boy. The bear was sent to the 22nd Artillery Supply company where he was named Wojtek. They would feed him the most elite meals. When the Polish II Corps was deployed to Italy to help the British, the bear was also hired by the army as a private. Wojtek did so well, that he got a promotion and became a Corporal. After his final mission in Scotland, Wojtek was given to the Edinburgh zoo to spend the rest of his days there.


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9. In 1939, a German battleship loaded with 2200 crew members sank and only 118 survived, including a cat named Oscar who was found floating on a piece of a wooden board (just like Rose from Titanic). Another ship sank in 1941 and Oscar managed to survive that one as well by hanging onto a plank of wood. His name was changed to “Unsinkable Sam”. He was later adopted by the crew of HMS Ark Royal. Later in 1941, a ship with Sam on board got hit by a torpedo and the unsinkable still managed to survive.


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10. Elephants are like cats. Clearly not comparing the sizes but the elephants’ ability to purr exactly the way cats do.


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11. There is a massive 107-acre forest that only has one tree in it. All the other trees branch out of this main tree’s roots.

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12. According to scientists, Alligators don’t age. The only reason they die is due to unsurvivable diseases or starvation, old age isn’t a thing for Alligators.


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13. In Starship Trooper there is a coed shower scene. The actors didn’t agree to do the scene until one condition was fulfilled, the director also had to shoot the scene standing naked. He did it, and the actors agreed to shoot the scene.

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14. The company that has made the most number of tires in the world is “Lego”.


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Some of these facts are literally so random and literally have nothing to do with me and I believe you guys must have felt the same way, but still, they are so interesting and I really love them. I am glad that this information is now part of my knowledge, even though almost all of this is going to travel to my subconscious brain in the next few hours. These facts are fun and we are only here for fun.

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15. Here’s a fun fact about Dragonflies. In order to deal with the tiredness, they suck up water from their butts and shoot out jets of water. I know, they are pretty weird.

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16. During World War II, a German submarine U-215 sank right down to the ocean but it didn’t decompose the way ships are supposed to. It is said the ship is still in perfect condition, sealed shut on the base of the ocean with 49 people still in it.


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17. If you ever wondered how huge a blue whale is, a newborn baby can comfortably swim in that massive whale’s veins.

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18. Potatoes did not have a really good reputation back in the days. Even the poorest of Europe wouldn’t get them because everyone thought they cause leprosy, sterilization, and an overactive s*x drive.


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19. Bananas and human beings share 60% of their DNA. Can we legally name children “Banana”?

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20. Louie Louie a song released back in 1963 had lyrics sung so fast and slurred out. A rumor got viral that the band had used dirty words in the song. After two years worth of investigation by the FBI, they declared that the lyrics were impossible to understand at any speed and the case was dropped.


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21. Rotationoplasty is an actual surgery in which the doctors remove the middle part of your leg and attach the food backward to the thigh. Who would ever want to get such a modification?

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22. The dangerous chainsaws we all know about were originally created to assist with childbirth if difficulties as faced.


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23. The scissor hands we see in the movie Edward Scissorhands were actually owned by Michael Jackson.

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24. All humans can smell their lungs. The only reason why we feel we don’t is that our brain stops our nose from sensing it.

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25. A majority of cases where a patient is declared dead by the hospital but comes back to life are positive.

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26. When a toddler grows up, the adult teeth don’t magically start appearing out of nowhere, they are under the eyes of the child and then slowly come down as the child becomes an adult.


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27. Queen Elizabeth was the first person ever to use a transatlantic phone to contact her parents.


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28. A cockroach’s back two legs are larger in size compared to the front four legs. When some species decided to run on the ground at full speed, their front four legs float in the air and they use only their hind legs. That insect basically becomes an airplane.

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I really hope you guys enjoyed these fun facts and that this was an interesting experience for you all. Share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more such enlightening facts.


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