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19 Times People Got Executed By Words

Where would we be without the Internet?

We are lucky to exist in the time of the Internet. We can access it anywhere and anytime. It has made our lives easier in so many ways. However, young people tend to use the Internet for entertainment purposes more than others. I am one of them and I can confirm that sometimes I can spend even hours scrolling on my phone and laughing at memes. The Internet is a great place where people come together from all around the world and share their thoughts. However, we must not expect everyone on the Internet to be sensitive towards us because people can really be brutal sometimes. Don’t post things publicly if you aren’t ready for savage remarks by others.

Have you ever witnessed someone receiving the sickest burn or insult on the Internet that you thought the person might die of embarrassment? If you haven’t yet, you’re in for a treat. The subreddit r/MurderedByWords has blessed us with amazing roasts and savage comments, and we have compiled some of our favourites for you. Scroll down below and enjoy:

1. This person really put thought into that question.


Via u/coolband

2. Bro, that’s just dark.


Via u/mcLordButt

3. Thanks for ruining everything, Game Of Thrones.


Via u/houndbowl

4. Wendy’s needs to chill.


Via u/BlueDragon1813

5. People hear what they want to hear.


Via u/ahivarn

6. Imagine the sense of victory when you smoked that last cigarette.


Via u/blasphemymc

7. Ouch, that must have hurt.

Via u/blodger42

8. Well, they aren’t lying.


Via u/MzDankness

9. Bernie’s new bro.

Via u/Neth110

10. “Serious” flat earthers. Sure.


Via u/LongSearch

Wow. Please apply ice on those burns because that must have hurt like hell. I know if I was on the receiving end of any of these comments, I would have just turned off my phone and disappeared from the face of the Earth for a little while. The Internet is way too scary for me sometimes. However, reading about others getting roasted is something I’ll never get tired of. Scroll down below for more sick burns:

11. Why does this always happen?

Via y/redbeardvfl

12. Imagine someone picking loneliness over you.


Via u/Discordchaosgod

13. Oh no. How does that feel now?

Via u/iBeavy

14. The “show about nothing.”


Via u/veoss1

15. If only you knew that games other than GTA exist.

Via u/Xmay18

16. It works both ways.


Via u/ShivamDudes

17. What am I, you babysitter?


Via u/dispiritedfirework

18. Let’s rephrase that.


Via u/1XavierStealth

19. Well, as long as he is having fun, it’s fine.

Via u/moosedownjacket

Do you have any sick burns or insults to share with us? Let us know in the comments below!


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