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Funny Comic Illustrates How A Woman Would Rather Stay In An Unhappy Marriage Than Get Fit

Losing weight is not a piece of cake.

Especially if you have already had children and it is a bit late in your life. I am not saying you shouldn’t do it but metabolism slows down as we age and that means losing weight becomes that much harder. I am barely an adult right now and it is extremely hard for me so I can’t even imagine that.

However, many women set out on this journey when they leave their partners behind and set foot in the dating world. it is never too late to get out of a life you don’t want after all. But even if we encourage women, many still stay because apparently having children with that person warrants them sacrificing their own happiness.

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We have all looked in the mirror and not liked what we say.

Even if others see skinny, we see fat everywhere.


Even if there may be many reasons for getting a divorce, sometimes women push that need down when they look at themselves in the mirror. After all who would want them at this age with a body that isn’t considered attractive at this point in life. So they just go on with their life thinking they don’t deserve to have another chance at a life they want.

However, a bit of junk in the trunk is not that big of an issue these days.


However, many women actually get in better shape when they get a divorce from a person they no longer love. It is because they now have time to spend on themselves and actually do what they want. This is why it is necessary for everyone to allot some personal time to spend on one’s wellbeing. It is not at all selfish and it shouldn’t be considered that either.

So I suppose it is better this way?


What are your thoughts on this short but sweet comic? I admit there isn’t much to think about when it comes to these illustrations. So comment down below and let us know your opinion.


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