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Choosing Beggar Loses It When Knitter Refused To Take Her Order

There’s such a phrase “Beggars can’t be choosers” which implies that if you’re desperate for something and are begging for it, you don’t really have the luxury to choose between what you’re begging for. If you’re begging for food, then you’d be happy with whatever you got as long as it’s edible. And it’s really a tragic and difficult thing to think about, when someone is so desperate for something that they beg for it.


This story is not about those kinds of beggars. This story is about the kind of people who beg to have things for free or cheap that they absolutely do not deserve. There’s an entire subreddit dedicated to this sort of thing, and this one story is about how a beggar wanted someone to hand-knit a blanket essentially for free. And the interactions are as hilarious as they are maddening.

Source: Reddit || Imgur

The beginning was indicative of how this was going to go.

They wanted a commission


And there was a reasonable back and forth.


And then there certainly was not any reasonable back and forth.


They started getting desperate.


And they didn’t understand half-up-front.


So the interaction got even more toxic.


And it ended with the crotcheter on top.


The comments were all in support of him:

This is why you double the price after first time they call you insane, then double it again, and again and again, on and on…

I had someone try to have me photograph their wedding and reception for $100 because they thought they should get a discount for knowing my sister. They also started the conversation with “I just had to fire my other photographer…”

As a retail professional the Dude trying to buy the blanket is a triggering nightmare… Makes my face twitch

People have no respect for hand made goods and the amount of time it takes to make them.

Love those people. I’m renting an utility bus, 80 for half a day, 120 for full day. Once i had a dude that wanted half a day, but for 60. he tried to explain to me i was stupid because if the full day is 120, the half day should be 60 and not 80. Good times

Have you ever had a story with a choosy beggar? Tell us about it in the comments!


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