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30 Times Shadows Made People Look Twice

Nature never fails to surprise us!

Nature exhibits extraordinary phenomena, often it leaves us stunned. The processes through which they are manifested are complex. One of these phenomena is the appearance of shadows. The placement of objects often plays with your eyes and appears contrasting in the shadows themselves. This in other words is also known as optical illusions. The actual object appears to be different but shadows show something extraordinarily different. This is when your sight and thoughts warp around in confusion in trying to process what exactly you are looking at. Though deceiving but there are times when these shadows emerge to be remarkably beautiful.


These schemes created by changing lights and patterns make our minds a little delusional. It’s when our mind isn’t exactly agreeing to what we’re actually looking at. This is when you’re looking at one thing and processing it as something completely different. Shadows don’t stay for a very long time due to light shifts. These moments, where shadows appear to be optical illusions, only last for a few minutes. On our today’s menu, we have collected a list of pictures where shadows played perfectly with the capturer’s mind and the picture was captured right at the perfect moment. As to capture these kinds of pictures, one does not only need to have a good eye but luck plays a vital role in it. How? You’ll know once you start looking at the pictures.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at these amazing shots that were taken;

1. Do pictures lie?

via  frameRAID

The shadow in between makes it feels like the man at the back isn’t actually part of the picture but just photoshopped in there

2. Sexy legs

via  Nicky-Al-Dente

Those legs ain’t that sexy, it’s the shadow that makes it feel as if he’s wearing fishnets on his legs. What a perfect placement tho!

3. People relaxing in the park

via  felixtre

Isn’t this amazing?

4. Love is in the shadows

via  Orion_91

The union of shadows of these love birds is forming a heart, what a perfect depiction of true love…

5. Greetings, driver!

via Hadouken617

What a perfect start to the day, a warm hey to you!

6. Mountain climber or a shoe climber?

via htownaliens

“Shoe Lace Or Man Climbing A Mountain?”

7. Where the sky meets the earth


The magnificent mountain throws its shadow on the thick clouds in the sky

8. Welcome to Scotland!

via  BookerDeWittsCarbine

Even the shadows here are of plaid pattern

9. Rainbow bubble

via emcdeezy22

Well, I heard of a water bubble but saw a rainbow bubble for the first time, marvelous!

10. Even the shadow of the rainbow is a rainbow

via  Coltons13

Weren’t shadows supposed to be dark?

11. The blooming shadow of Rosey

via  SMatyac

Rosey with the shadow of a rose…

12. “Leaves From A Tree During A Solar Eclipse”


Looks like mini eclipses themselves

13. It was my shadow not me

via  migraine_boy
Advertisement by UDM

Now how do we control the shadows? SMH!

14. Donald Trump, is that you?

via  cdnchef

The resemblance is uncanny!

15. Why does the water shadow makes a spider look like a virus?

via  lnk7332

Shadow isn’t always supposed to be dark, they often exhibit the color of the actual object, itself. This mostly happens when a certain wavelength of light is reflected. Taking an example of picture number 10 where a rainbow-colored dish has a similar shadow, as it has been placed in full bright light.

As different colors have different wavelengths, so when the shadow cast is over the droplets of water, the light reflected forms a ring of colors. Too much science? Never mind let’s go on enjoy more out-standing shadowy moments captured but these folks. By now you might also be thinking how astounding shadows can be and we are pretty sure that you’d try to keep an eye on the shadows so that you can capture such moments! Anyways, let’s move on towards the remaining pictures now, shall we?

16. Where does this staircase end?

via hey_baberuba

The staircase which swirls and swirls and swirls

17. Swinging or hanging?

via snb75

Somebody rightly said shadows can be creepy…

18. Tree Silhouette

via DanRG02

Praise the natural phenomenons!!

19. Neutron star

via ajustice83

This has got to be one of the most beautiful captures we have seen!

20. Better than the actual sticker

via  TheMulletBurden

Nature is surely the best creator…

21. Icey Bikeys

via yonkerrs

The snowy outlines of the bikes look beautiful!

22. Did they just pee in their pants?

via Jodiee182

Shadows can embarrass you sometimes… Imagine such an important picture being wasted away like that and you notice it after years!

23. The holy spirit of cat visits us at night

via MarkSputnik

The cat food calls for a real cat

24. The tom probably misses his jerry

via Ri-RiY

Is that even real though? Gosh…

25. The playground during the day

via Katrin Korfmann

It’s only half of them…

26. Oh hey, doggo

via  mike_pants

Wait a minute… that is such a creepy picture but we just can’t help adoring the doggo, can we?

27. “Einstein vs Chucky”

via  aelment

Both were genius, one perhaps an evil one and the other in a good sense

28. But how?

via icanbenormaltoo

Entangled illusions

29. Standing tall

via  Ketameme69

“Fake it till you make it”


via empw

That is such a weird equally amusing picture at the same time!

Nature plays mind games with your brain. Above was only an example of one of the ways of how it tricks us. All of this also depends on which surface the shadow is being cast, as in, the surface is of dark color or lighter ones. This is one of the sole determinants of how and when the shadow will appear. Last but not the least, you also need to have an eye to capture these perfect moments.

Interesting, right!? let us know in the comments below that which one blew your mind the most and if you’ve ever been tricked by these shady tricks? Feel free to use the comments section below.


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