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18 Genius Product Packages That Will Satisfy You To The Core

The first impression will always be the last impression.

How many times have you been to a grocery store to get your monthly supplies with a promise to yourself that you will not waste money on unwanted stuff this time, and actually ended up getting lots and lots of unwanted and extra stuff? I think the right answer to this question would be every freaking time. That’s how businesses become empires, they trick your head and force you into making impulse purchase decisions based solely on sleek marketing. And they achieve that so efficiently with a very key component that is product packaging. Packaging is something extremely important, it sort of makes or breaks the first impression of the customer and as we all know, the first impression is everything. If a product is badly packaged, you might end up not buying something you actually went to grab, and likewise, you might end up getting something that you had no plans to buy just because of how good the packaging was. And when those design geniuses at the back make the packaging look really good, satisfying viewers to the core, they are to be praised specifically.


Today we are going to look at some product packages that were made to perfection, so much so that it might cure your OCD. Yes, we are about to go on a satisfaction spree so fasten your seatbelts.

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1. Nothing short of a masterpiece, this packaging would make anyone buy these peanuts even if they didn’t need them.

Via constantin.bolimond / Instagram

2. These nutrition supplements are color conducted according to the planets in our solar system. This feels so right.


Via Lepur

3. So cute and well thought out, gives you a sense that they always come out really fresh.


Via Thelma’s Treats

4. Here’s how you get all the vegan and non-vegan people in the world to get your milk. Targeted for one party, amuses all parties.


Via Soy Mamelle / Kian

5. Wow! They actually made marmalade look cool, you can paint your bread any color from this perfect art palate.


Via Color Eat / Backbone Branding

6. I used to feel so satisfied opening them as a child. You bet your ass I am going to get all of them available in stock if I found these.


Via Bowlerandkimchi

7. Face sponges now don’t only perform their primary functions but also provide consumer with ultimate satisfaction.


Via Croon

8. I never thought packaging an egg could turn out this creative and immersive.


Via Avgoulakia

9. That does send some shivers down your spine.


Via Beeo

You know what, kudos to the packaging designers of all the products we have seen so far. They are done to perfection and trust me that packaging is the only reason why they sell as much as they do. My satisfaction levels are at an all time high and I don’t want to stop here.

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10. Inflatable pool toys packaged so well, you have to get them all.



11. That is the sexiest canola oil bottle I have and will ever see in my entire life. How do you expect me diet when you put out such seductive oil bottles.

Via ManoliCanoli

12. People at Pupa are really smart.


Via Pupa

13. I require all of these bath accessories right now. No, I am not a child but I still want them.

Via Troupe Beauty

14. I have goosebumps on my back by looking at some water bottle put together.


Via Bulaqua

15. There’s something so satisfying about this finish.

Via dojapan

16. Would they look as cute on my house table?


Via arielleshoshana

17. Fanta really did up its game with this one. They made drinking Fanta look cool once again with this packaging.

Via Fanta

18, Drinking milk won’t ever be a problem for kids when they see it come out of these adorable bottles.


Via instagram

I am pretty sure you are going to live your next week very satisfied with life after this one. I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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