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Golden Retrievers Who Love Using Their Siblings As Pillows (26 Pics)

Having a pet dog is amazing. But you know what’s more amazing? Having pet DOGS. And it gets better if they are all siblings! As you get to see their love and care for each other in action because of their close bond. We will be looking at three Golden Retriever siblings who are famous for a very unique thing. You might think it is because of their intelligence, affectionate personality or just for being extremely adorable. While all these qualities are true for these doggos, they are known for using each other as pillows when napping. The sight is too adorable for words!


Like us, these sibling are nap lovers- Charlie is the oldest brother among the three siblings and is 4 years old, Bodie is 3 years old and Riggs is just a 2 months old smol baby doggo. After going through the pictures we have found who is guilty of starting this adorable tradition, it was Bodie! Who then passed down this habit  to his siblings as well!

These lazy siblings guarantees to melt your hearts with their napping pictures and lazying around the house. They surely are special because Golden Retrievers are known for being lazy. Scroll down to watch these siblings breaking that norm!

Needed a pillow, momma and dadda gave me a younger brother! Best pillow ever.

10/10 Recommend.


Momma dadda asked me to baby-sit. So I just sat on it. That’s how you do it right?

When I need fluffier pillows, I use my older brother. He’s the comfiest!


Can’t decide who is using whom as the pillow!

Charlie asked me to take my head off his head for a while, so I am trying his furry abdomen as a pillow


This is even nicer than the head! Guess who got lucky!

Decided to find more comfier spots-Neck is definitely a good option too!


Ah, peace!

In today’s episode of finding a comfortable part for me to nap on, I tried Charlie’s back! Don’t judge gotta do what I gotta do!


What fluffy dreams are mad of!

To think about important dog stuff, Charlie head serves as the best pillow!


Maybe it’s because his wisdom gets transferred to me, like bluetooth shares stuff when connected!

We were having such a good nap and then the hooman took our picture with a flash!


Charlie was very mad, I had to calm him down!


Had to cuddle Charlie really hard to make up for the hooman’s stupid mistakes!


Love my big brotha!

Charlie took advantage of the situation and asked for special treatment the whole day!

At this point, I was thinking I should have acted mad instead!

I am sad and mad, wanted Charlie to cuddle me today! But he is too selfish!


It it weren’t for using Charlie as the pillow i would have not shown him my face ever!

My anger faded so slowly slowly I am ending the distance!

Guess who is back to big-spooning Charlie!


That wink was a sign that everything’s cool! Including my anger, hehe!

You thought we would not have enough pictures of these dogs cuddling and using each other as pillows? You are mistaken because we have a lot more of pictures of them doing their most favorite thing in the world-napping. Scroll down to continue!

AH! Love napping my life away!

I posed for the picture as Charlie slept!


Gotta do it for the Instagram!

Casually thinking about all the stuff we have to do but we don’t get time from napping all day!

What procrastination looks like!

It’s Charlie’s turn to find a comfortable pillow spot today!


Look how peacefully he is sleeping! Middle child truly has no life!

Just another day of me expressing my infinite love for my big brother!

Too wholesome!

A chair can not stop us from cuddling!


Charlie was MIA, so cuddled my hooman because he really feels left out!

I tried to act happy!

It’s lil Riggs turn to use me as a pillow! He’s too smol for my back tho


Cute, though.

Reunited with my favorite cuddling partner/pillow!

The joy!

Tried the sofa cushions as pillows, you can tell I am not too happy about that!

We would rather use each other as pillows than this!

Sadly we have to put an end to this post! We know these Golden Retrievers are too precious, and all anyone would ever want to do is look at their adorable pictures of snuggling and cuddling! Who knew we would love lazy Golden retrievers! These siblings are absolutely stars and they know about it. Share these precious doggo babies with your friends and family and make them go all ‘AWW’


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