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The Green Jay Is The Most Curious, Noisy, And Interesting Bird You’ll Ever See

Birds deserve more recognition than we give them.

When thinking about the word “pets” we usually picture a dog or a cat. Well, that is mostly because they are more commonly kept as pets as compared to birds. But that doesn’t mean birds aren’t as interesting and friendly as all other animals. Birds can actually be very affectionate and social as well. Birds can be very loyal critters. They are curious, noisy, and even silly. There are so many species of birds that we need to talk about as they are all so exotic and unique, but today, we are going to discuss the Green Jay. And we are very sure you will fall in love with them.


Meet the Green Jay (Cyanocorax luxuosus).

Image credits: Instagram/loren.jim_photography

Jays are known to be very loud and noisy, but they are also pretty colourful and eye-catching, so they are hard to miss. Their names come from their rich, parrot green back and wings that mould into yellow feathers while moving up. Then it has bright blue feathers at the back of its head, cheeks, and the top of its head. The stunning yellow underparts contrast perfectly with the bib and black face. It also has a glorious blue crest.


Image credits: Instagram/gobirdingcolombia

The bird’s iris can be found in various colours.

But it is usually along the lines of dark brown to yellow.


Image credits: Instagram/really_cute_animals_everywhere

The male and female green jays aren’t very different in terms of shapes and sizes.

Since they are considered to be medium-sized birds, they are 9.8 – 11.4 inches (i.e, 25 – 29 cm) in length and weigh 2.3 to 3.9 oz (i.e, 66 – 110 gr).


Image credits: Connormah

The little bird actually makes really interesting sounds.

Like most Jays, they sing a lot of weird notes that aren’t heard in a lot of other species. Sometimes, if you hear the bird’s call early in the morning, you would think you’re listening to an alarm clock instead.

You can listen to its calls here:

The natural habitat of the Green Jay is bushy woodlands that are located in Central America. So you’ll see a lot of these in the lowlands of Texas and Honduras.


Image credits: Instagram/wild12085

They have an interesting diet as well.

Although fruits are their favourite, they also enjoy seeds, cereal grains, and insects. But since they like fruits, they stay close to acacia, ebony, hackberry and short oak trees. However, the bird is an omnivore, so it enjoys eating meat as well.


Image credits: Instsagram/birdink.s.a.s

When breeding season arrives, the female is in charge of incubating the 5-6 eggs she lays. She makes a nest out of scraps like sticks, thorny twigs, grass, rootlets, leaves, and moss. After the eggs have hatched in 17 to 18 days, the male joins the female and helps feed the baby birds.


Image credits: Instagtram/richard.wise.1946

Thankfully, the Green Jay is not under any threat at all.

It is labelled as “least concerned” by the IUCN, so you don’t have to worry about it being endangered.


Image credits: Instagram/dimosb

Did you enjoy reading about this crazy bird? Would you like to read about more of them in the future? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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