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Artist Revamped Disney Characters Into Alternative Iconic Roles & Results Are Amazing

There are no limits on art.

Do you know how? Have you ever heard someone say “limit your imagination”? I doubt that you have, Art is formed in two ways from what I know of it. The first one forms naturally. Landslides, avalanches, earthquakes, storms, floods, etc. Although they are very dangerous natural disasters. However, all these happenings have paved the Earth we have today. And the second is man-made art. Look at the beautiful tourism attractions all over the world that have been modified by humans to make them look eye-catchy.


So what is art? From what I have gained in the past 23 years of my life, the reference is your imagination. Your limitless imagination is where you breed so many different realities, opportunities, settings, and situations. And art is to bring them to reality. Many artists use a piece of paper to breathe life into their imagination and I think that is extremely creative. So, coming back to the question. When you can’t limit your imagination which is the source of your art, how can you limit art. It is impossible to put boundaries around it. It is like cutting off someone’s hand and putting them right in front of this. It is a gruesome crime and everyone should be allowed to express their art openly. And it’s not just painting. Every profession that you can master is an art. Ever been through flight turbulence? The pilot that safely gets the plane to land is an artist. And that act was his art. So, art is everywhere. You just need to recognize what’s your passion and become an artist in that.

Today, we’ve got a drawing artist and wanted to share her brilliant and creative artwork with you guys. Her name is Lorna Kelleher. She started an art project in October of 2017 called ‘Inktober’. The whole purpose of the project was to let her imaginations run wild. She decided to crossover our very own Disney characters, which we all love so much, with some iconic movie characters. No, I will not give any of it away but trust me, you are about to get the biggest shock of your lives and you will love every moment of it. Just to get you guys on the edge of your seats, the viewers loved her project so much that they demand prints of her artwork and were willing to pay as well. She posted it all on her Instagram. And since then, her skills have improved drastically. She currently has over 288,000 followers on her account. Wow!

Looks like I have squeezed enough juice. Time to take a look at some of her amazing mergers. Scroll down below to enjoy.

More information: | Instagram |

1. Here is our very own Yzma merged with a very fancy Jessica Rabbit.

The antagonist from The Emperor’s New Groove is the heart of Disney fans.

2. When ‘It’ wants to become a very ‘Big Hero’


3. Hokus Pokus!


4. The modified good guy is ready for some Child’s Play.


5. Wall-E.T


6. Jafar finally got a promotion. He is now Prince Jafar.


I am in love with each and every one of the crossovers I have seen so far. I really explain the feeling. You see one and then you pause for a couple of seconds to register what has happened, and when you crack the cross-over, excitement bursts through every pore in the body.

This is some elite work. Scroll down below for some more.

7. Wonder-Rapunzel whose hair is the Lasso of Truth.

I swear if a Disney character was to become Wonder Woman, only Rapunzel could do it.


8. I am sure you have seen Casper but how many of you remember Recess?


9. Alice just wants to find her way home.


10. Shouldn’t ‘The Little Mermaid’ be in the water? Evil Ariel!


11. The juxtaposition is very strong with this one right here. And by the way, Jasmine is popping in red and gold.

12. A Zootopia merger!


13. ‘What a waste of a lovely night.’

Just wow! I am literally out of words. I guess you guys know which one is my favorite. The one where Rapunzel is Wonder Woman. I absolutely love that one. It fits so perfectly., and her hair as the Lasso, so amazing.

I really enjoyed Lorna’s work. Feel free to check out more of her crazy good work via the link I have mentioned at the top. Do share with us how you guys feel about these crossovers, in the comments section down below.


What do you think?