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This Guy Took His Cat To Prom And The Photos Are Stunning

Prom is important for every student out there.

It marks the end of your journey in high school. To some, it is a sigh of relief and to others, it is a cause of sadness. Teenagers are busy trying to find their perfect prom dresses and looking for the right date to make their night unforgettable. You know it’s prom season when your whole news feed is filled with prom-posals and senior pranks. You will be bombarded with prom photos everywhere and it is actually a pleasant sight.

However, it isn’t a pleasant sight for everyone. Some people find it very difficult to get a date for prom. This usually ends up in heartbreak, or teenagers just settle for going to prom as a group of friends. There are also some special cases. Why ask humans out on dates when our feline friends are available?

Sam Steingard faced the problem of finding a date to prom, but he came up with the perfect solution.


Sam decided to take his cat, Ruby, to prom.


Sam’s sister Caroline Steingard spoke to Love Meow in an interview:

My brother took our cat to prom… My mom (Joanne) decided to buy our cat a dress and sparkly collar so my brother would have someone to take pictures with.

Sam’s sister shared the photo on Imgur which went viral instantly, for obvious reasons.

Get someone who looks at you the way Ruby looks at Sam.


Caroline gave more details about Ruby and how she got her name:

10 years ago, Ruby was found behind a Ruby Tuesday’s restaurant. So that’s how she got her name.

Since they’ve had Ruby for years, they grew up with her and have grown very attached to her.

The entire neighbourhood is very fond of Ruby.


Caroline told Love Meow:

When I was younger, she would walk with me to school and then when we arrived she would walk herself home and meet me there after school. She’s a great cat.

Ruby is a very affectionate cat who loves to cuddle.


Sam and Ruby have a special bond.

She loves Sam because he likes to talk to her in a baby voice and he will give her treats once in a while


Sam did something extra for Ruby as well.

Since being home on summer break Sam did build her a little cat fort out of a cardboard box and an old tee shirt. Even though she has a $40 heated cat bed, she prefers the homemade fort.

Since prom is over now, Sam has moved from high school to college. Both Caroline and Sam have moved away from home and miss Ruby a lot. They can’t wait to return home on breaks and cuddle with Ruby again.

Both me and my brother miss her so much when we’re away at college!


We always value our loved ones when they aren’t around anymore.

Weren’t they the most amazing couple? Give Ruby some love on her Instagram account!


What did you think of this adorable story? Do you know anyone else who took their pet to prom as a date? Let us know in the comments below!


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