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This Story Of A Guy Who Falls In Love With His Gym Bro And Realizes He’s Bi Will Make Your Day

A gym rat who thought he was straight had a crush on his gym bro and sought help on Reddit. Following is the story in his own words and below are the Reddit comments. Don’t forget to scroll till the end.

1. First, some background: the OP claims that he was in the gym a few months ago when he observed a guy and felt something he couldn’t explain.

2. Rather than allowing it to consume him, he opted to introduce himself, and the two immediately became gym pals.


OP was dating a woman at the time, who dumped him two weeks after forming a friendship with Gym Bro. OP had a “heart to heart” conversation in which he “casually came out as gay.” OP didn’t notice anything other than “the initial offness that [he] felt” about Gym Bro, but it didn’t take him long to understand that the “offness” he felt was actually an attraction.

3. The OP continued in the post, telling Reddit strangers how “beautiful” Gym Bro was and how he hoped he could snuggle, text, and kiss him.


“I guess this is me coming out as bi…,” the OP concluded. I met a gorgeous guy at the gym and we became great friends; I adore his personality; he never fails to make me laugh, and he’s insanely thick. I’m dying to ask him out.”

4. People responded to this heartfelt romantic gym guy in the comments and on Twitter, offering advice and best wishes in the hopes that he will confess to Gym Bro.

One user said, “Im talking about this post with my bffs (one of them is a gym bro lmao) and we’re rooting for you so so much! You got this!”

Another offered tips, suggesting he say, “Hey bro remember that time I was mirin’ and said ‘no homo’? I’ll have to take that back. No, not the mirin’, the other part …”

5. Now is the time to read the comments on the story from redditors


6. People told OP that they were continuously refreshing to check for changes and that they were overflowing with support and good luck posts.

With the encouragement of strangers on the internet, OP updated his post to say that after he got off work and to the gym, he was going to ask Gym Bro out.

“Update: we’re going to finish our sets at the gym rn, and when we leave, I’m going to walk him to his car and tell him.” Thank you everybody for your bravery!”

7. Here’s the update


8. People were on the tip of their seats, anxious to hear what Gym Bro had to say, and the update did not disappoint!


9. He actually did it and he’s proud of himself. The random support he got from the internet is what made him stand where he is today


So, here was a story of our guy asking another man out and identifying himself as bi. I think he did a great job by gathering the courage and expressing his feelings. Can you relate o this story, or have you ever gotten yourself in any of such situations? Well, if you do, we would love to hear your story. Stay tuned with us if you wanna hear more entertaining stories.


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