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Jobless Boyfriend Doesn’t Want To Babysit His Girlfriend’s Son Anymore

Refusing to Babysit

There are some people on this planet who do not like taking on any responsibility at all. They like to live their life as free birds but unfortunately, that can not be allowed. You have to do something to earn a spot on this planet otherwise you deserve to be kicked.


In today’s story, Reddit user u/StillHornet3563 shared a story of himself about refusing to babysit his girlfriend’s son. He shared that his girlfriend is the only one out of the two working and paying for everything. He has been tasked with looking after the house by doing all the chores and taking care of her son. OP shared that the babysitting part had not been working out well for him as it would exhaust him terribly and the kid just wouldn’t let him rest one bit.

Things escalated as one day his girlfriend’s son threw soda on his Xbox and it broke. That is when OP suggested to his girlfriend they should send her son to the daycare. OP did not like this at all and felt really disappointed in her boyfriend.

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Source: u/StillHornet3563

1. I wonder why…let’s find out.

2. OP and his girlfriend live together. His gf has a 2-year-old son from her previous relationship.


3. Because his girlfriend is the only one out of the two who works and uns the house, OP has taken on the house chores and babysitting her son.


4. OP shared babysitting the baby is not easy for him at all and it has been exhausting him.


5. OP mentioned a lot of times the kid would just not let him relax or rest for even a minute.


6. After her son broke the boyfriend’s XBOX, he suggested OP should put him in daycare as he can’t take it anymore. He even shared a facility and its rate.


Let me get this straight. This guy says his girlfriend is the only breadwinner between the two. He literally has to do nothing, he is paying for nothing, and he living a free life. All he has been tasked to do is look after the house and her son. I don’t think that is a big ask provided the benefits he is getting against those duties.

If he finds looking after his girlfriend’s son exhausting, he should find a job then and go out to work, and bring home money. At least have some base because making such demands, dude. So insensitive. I would suggest the girlfriend rethinks all of this because this guy doesn’t seem like the one who gives much of a d*mn about her son.

7. This heavily insulted OP as she referred to him as a person running away from his responsibilities.


Source: u/StillHornet3563

Here’s what the internet had to say about this:

8. She only wants you to look after her son. That is all she requires from her boyfriend. And you can’t even do that.


Via south3y

9. He expected to do absolutely nothing but his wife, unfortunately, tasked him.


Via jrm1102

10. Sounds like? I think she is dating a 12-year-old.


Via Samorjj

11. He is a freeloader, girlfriend. Kick him out.

Via sawta2112

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