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Artist Shows How “Harry Potter” Characters Were Supposed To Look According To Book Descriptions

If you’re a fan of fictional books and stories you’ll have an idea of how deeply fascinating it is to follow the words of the book according to your imagination. We picture the physical appearance of the characters described in the book in our minds, the scenarios that have been put down in words come fluttering by in our minds, and the emotion moves us as we turn the pages. There are a lot of pictorial adaptations that are based on books. A writer while penning down a story puts their heart and soul into the words, which is very obvious. If you ask a regular reader or a person who is a fan of books would definitely agree with the fact that books hold more feel of the story than the movie. This often happens because there are a lot of limitations while creating a movie based on a story originally taken from a book.


Taking into account the story of Harry Potter, the characters were described a little differently in the book, as stated by Vietnamese student MsBananaAnna. She too, being a fan of the books didn’t fully agree with the looks of the people that had been cast in the movie in place of characters from the book, well it’s pretty natural. Characters in the book have been tailored by the writer itself whereas the cast of the movie includes real people, only the actors with looks that are closest to that of the fictional character are chosen but of course aren’t always a perfect match.

The Vietnamese student by the use of technology tools created the Harry Potter characters how she perceived them to be from the descriptions in the book and we’re stunned by her work. Want to recall the magical ride again? Go through the pictures below and you won’t be disappointed!

Via – msbananaanna

1. Sirius Black

The modern play for this character surely is ‘Morbius’. Definitely going for this look of Sirius!

2. Fleur Delacour


This portrayal seems a little too young, she was 24 as mentioned in the book, and with more like a silverish touch to the hair

3. Severus Snape


Pretty close to that in the movie!

4. Nymphadora Tonks


Accurate depiction! The book clearly mentioned a small heart-shaped face with pink hair and a pale complexion

5. Lily Potter


Doesn’t look like a mother though

6. Tom Riddle


7. Narcissa Malfoy


In Harry’s words, ‘she looked like she smelled something bad.’ Here she looks like she is clearly irritated

8. Hermione Granger


No matter what the description from the book was, no argument over Hermoine looking exactly how Emma looked! – says every Potterhead ever

9. Argus Filch


10. Charlie Weasley


Here’s what a follower had to say

“The books mentioned that Charlie had a broad face and Bill had a narrow face. So this looks quite accurate.” — KC

11. Lord Voldemort

More or less the same as that in the movie, it’s just this one has a softer look

12. Remus Lupin


Looks more like the Wolverine

13. Harry Potter

Advertisement by UDM

Radcliffe was rightly chosen for the Harry from the book

14. Ginevra Weasley


Wouldn’t disagree on this one. This depiction looks pretty much like Bonnie Wright, the actress cast in the movie

15. Ronald Weasley

Fans aren’t so happy about this one

“NO Ron in the movies was PERFECT. I love the actor’s facial expressions. He was my favorite of the famous trio” — Kim Pacheco

16. Draco Malfoy


17. Luna Lovegood

Hey, Potterheads! Keep your thoughts coming we’re eager to get to know your opinion about this project once you’re done going through all of these pictures. The creator of this project was approached to know more about her journey with Harry Potter to which she replied “I basically grew up with Harry, Ron, and Hermoine and remember waiting in line at midnight for the release of each book.” which clearly shows her craze for the series.

Keep gliding to see some more of the recreations of the long-admired Harry Potter’s leading figures

18. Lucius Malfoy


19. Neville Longbottom

He does look like the round-faced Gryffindor student as described in the book!

20. Fred And George Weasley


21. Viktor Krum

This one looks too starved

22. Cho Chang


Exactly how an Asian girl would look like, the mainstream description in the book covers this one up

23. James Potter

24. Bellatrix Lestrange

Sure is a better version but Helena did justice to the character

25. Cedric Diggory

26. Vernon Dursley


27. Dolores Umbridge


Perfectly shows the described teasing smile

28. Dudley Dursley

29. Petunia Dursley


30. Merope Riddle (Voldemort’s Mother)

Better than what was described in the book, though

31. Peter Pettigrew

Looks more human than rat-like as described in the book

32. Minerva Mcgonagall


33. Bill Weasley

34. Gilderoy Lockhart

35. Pansy Parkinson


No matter how close or how different these characters appear to be from those who were part of the cast in the movie, let’s not forget to applaud the makeup artists and dress designers who did their best to create the nearest looks in the movie and let the viewer have the closest experience to that of the book!

What’s your call for the looks of these characters? Since some of the followers did vote for these depictions to be closer to that in the book but some people still had a disagreement. Do let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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