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27 Before And After Photos Of Child Stars Who Had The Cocoon To Butterfly Transformation

There are a lot of Hollywood stars who made their way to the industry as child stars initially. Some of these left the show-biz to pursue other careers or for other reasons while some of them stayed to put their fortune to the test in their older years too. Whatsoever the case might be, the curiosity to see your favorite child star grow into an equally charming adult is instinctive.


Are you ready to hit an ultimate nostalgic throwback? It seems like yesterday you might have seen some of your long-admired actors and actresses exhibit their best acting skills in your favorite kid’s movie but guess what, years fly by in a blink of an eye. These child stars have grown out to be adults just like you!

We all need to admit that we’ve always wanted to see what these star-studded child actors would look like in their later years and hereby pictured them that way too. The wait is over, the popular child stars have come a long way and after all these years some of them are hard to be recognized as adults.  We’ve gathered a list of some of the most inspiring childhood stars who grew out to be just fine in their later years too.

Scroll down to satisfy the long-lost curiosity of where these then child-celebrities stand now!

1. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Jonathan has done voice-over for famous Hollywood movies such as Simba in the lion-ling and Pinocchio. He is well known for his appearance in the famous sitcom Home Improvement, which was a breakthrough for his acting career. He, later on, left the spotlight to pursue college and ever since hasn’t really looked back.

2. Jonathan Lipnicki


Who doesn’t remember George from The Stuart Little? Of course, everyone would! This film literally has been a prime part of our childhood. Jonathan has also made a mark in famous films such as The little vampire, Jerry Mcguire, and a few other well-known movies. He still is pursuing acting but majorly is a producer.

3. Mara Wilson


The dearest Matilda and her appearance in Mrs. Doubtfire turned out to be a promising rise for her as an actress. However, recently she in detail talked about how child stardom was so challenging for her. Mara exited the limelight in her early years and is now a writer and works non-profit.

4. Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Joseph began his career as early as the age of 6. His earliest movie includes The river runs through it, He has not only made an impression as an actor but he is also well known for his comedy roles. His roles in the films 50/50 and 500 days of summer were nominated for best actor in the Golden Globe Award. He is now a filmmaker along with being an actor.

5. Natalie Portman


Portman began her career as a child star with a boom, she has been cast in prominent projects since the very start such as Star Wars. She is a Harvard degree holder, an Oscar winner, and now a mom

6. Angus T. Jones


The young artist award winner is well known for playing the role of Jake Harper in Two and a half men. After stepping out of the spotlight Angus got a degree in environmental studies and is now leading a life of a normal man.

7. Daniel Radcliffe


Living up to his repute The Harry Potter star continued working in films and theater. He has various award nominations on his record. What people don’t know about him is that his parents were a strong opposition to him making his career as an actor.

8. Jodie Foster


Foster earned an Oscar nomination as young as 14 years old for her role in The Taxi Driver. She didn’t let that fame go to her head, she furthermore won an Academy Award for The Accused in 1989 before earning a second for 1992’s Silence of the Lambs. She is now a director, a producer, and a mother. What a superwoman!

9. Kristen Stewart


Not many people know The twilight star started her career as a child too. She first starred in a child-action-comedy movie, Catch that kid. She is in the scandalous news every now and then. She was the actress with the highest net worth in 2012. Kristen continues her gleaming acting career.

10. Jennifer Connelly


Oscar-winning actress began her career as a child model before becoming an actress. She still is an actress just appearing in fewer projects.

11. Josh Brolin

Josh began his career as early as 1985. He later also became part of the projects such as The Avengers and Deadpool 2.

12. Christina Ricci


Ricci has played roles that mostly included characters from the darker edges. She made her way into the industry as a successful child star via blockbuster films Casper and The Addams Family. She played first played Wednesday in Addams Family when she was 10 years old. She’s now a producer.

13. Macaulay Culkin

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The star from ever adored Home alone is considered one of the most successful child actors. Despite his desire to leave acting early, he still was part of the cast of many well-known projects. He’s currently part of the cast of American Horror Story.

14. Kieran Culkin


Brother to Macaulay Culkin, he began his career as a child star in the films Home alone and father of the bride. He is now a father of two children.

15. Dakota Fanning

She made quite an entrance in the industry because of her role as Lucy Dawson in the film I am Sam. She has been a promising actress ever since.

16. Elle Fanning


Elle too began her career in the film I am Sam by playing the role of Dakota’s younger sister. She has made her mark through great acting skills. She made a remarkable appearance in maleficient alongside Angelina Jolie.

17. Hilary Duff

A teen queen who successfully transitioned into a reasonable adult actress and kept up her repute. The clumsy Lizzie Mcguire would always be our favorite role of her.

18. Candace Cameron


Candace Cameron is an actress, producer, author, and talk-show panelist. She is well known for her appearance in Full house which was later followed by Fuller house in 2016. She was a prominent part of hallmark productions and he has recently decided to quit after her journey of14 years in the hallmark productions.

19. Jodie Sweetin

Also known for her role in the Full house and Fuller house later produced by Netflix

20. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen


The twin duo who became an inspiration for the book Diary of Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen and former actresses are now famous fashion designers.

21. Ryan Gosling

Well known for his appearances in various chick flicks, Ryan had made a child star appearance in Mickey-Mouse clubhouse

22. Leonardo DiCaprio


Teen Leo’s smooth transition to being the industry’s most famous and respected actors is worth the applaud

23. Emma Watson

Emma has impressed us with her varied acting roles and flawless skills right from her childhood until now. She along with being an actress is a women’s right activist

24. Neil Patrick Harris

“As a teenager, he became a fan favorite as a child prodigy M.D. on Doogie Howser, M.D.. And as he’s aged, NPH has only gotten more lovable, whether he’s hosting the Oscars, suiting up on How I Met Your Mother, or being one-quarter of the most adorable family of all time.”

25. Raven-Symoné

Symone has the honor to receive  five NAACP Image Awards, two Kids’ Choice Awards, three Young Artist Awards, and three Daytime Emmy Award, which clearly shows how she has been a showstopper since the very start

26. Ron Howard


Before he was found behind the camera for his blockbusters such as ‘A beautiful Mind’ and ‘The da vinci code’, he also appeared in The Andy Griffith Show, playing Opie Taylor, Griffith’s son as a child star

27. Elijah Wood


Wood is now also a producer, he is best known for his appearance in the Lord of the rings

What a ride it was, exploring all our favorite star-studded child actors who are all grown up. Let us know the transition which surprised you the most, in the comments section below!


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