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25 Heartwarming Pet Transformations After Adoption Show The True Power Of Love

These pets are unrecognizable after their pawwfect transformation.

I feel so gutted about the fact that people still neglect animals. Like why? It boils my blood and breaks my heart to see those cute and adorable little stray cats and dogs just walking down the street all by themselves because their previous owners decided to abandon them. Why would you adopt a pet if you can’t look after it? Okay, I need to calm myself down. It’s just that it’s a very upsetting sight to see an adorable animal living an undeserved life.


But there is so much more greatness in this world than evil. Many people don’t just stare at those stray animals. In fact, they decided to rescue those animals and make sure to look after them. These mostly rescue companies or even random people walking down the streets. They devote themselves to giving these animals the life they deserve.

You won’t believe the transformation that these pets go through after adoption and that’s exactly what we are here to show you. Transformation is not just a haircut, it also involves gaining an animal’s trust, watching it smile, play, have fun, and love life.

Love is limitless.

Let’s take a look at some amazing animal transformations.

Scroll down below for some awwdorableness!

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1. This kitty was adopted from an animal shelter…

…and was happily welcomed by her furever family…


…They are inseparable!


Via kangamooose

2. “We found this tiny little baby in the forest, very sick and with troubled breathing, he was still a newborn and needed 24/7 care…


…We never owned a cat before and thought he won’t make it…


…Well, now he is a cheeky teenager that has my heart and I will do anything for him.”


Via mayuml91

3. This is Emelie and these before and after images are one year apart.


The cat travelled all the way from Spain to Germany for her transformation.


Via loloE

4. “Meet cookie my 11 yr old Jindo. She was rescued from a breeder in Korea where she was tied up in negative degree weather all winter…


…and forced to have litter after litter of puppies. She was 5 when rescued and was scheduled to be put down due to aggression and fear of humans.”


But life had other plans for sweet Jindo.

5. At the time of adoption…


1 year after adoption.

Via hotdogterry

6. “From shy and quiet shelter pup, to happy and loud park patrol – one-year post-adoption.”


Via ReallyMcRealerson

7. “Here’s Jack! He was found in the streets weighing only 6 ounces with infections in both eyes. Now he’s a healthy boy at almost 4.5 lbs and one eye short! Wouldn’t trade him for the world.”

8. “My beautiful baby girl!”


9. “This is Irish, she was rescued almost 3 years ago.”

10. “9 weeks ago he was found abandoned in a field by my house…


…Today he loves car rides, going on hikes, and being spoiled!”

11. Alien as a sick stray / Alien as a happy indoor girl


12. First night…

…1 week in…


7 months in!

It really warms my heart to see all these pets getting a transformation and a life they always deserved. An animal deserves no hate. We don’t even understand their language, how do you hate a creature you don’t understand? Trust me if you ever meet a pet owner watch them go crazy talking about their pet for hours. You will notice that the smile on their face just keeps getting bigger and brighter. Those are the people who take care of animals and we need more of them.

How do you guys like it so far? We’ve got some more amazing transformations for you guys to see. Scroll down below to enjoy!

13. At the time of adoption…

2 weeks later: Guess who just got her all clear from the vet!

14. “What a difference a year can make.”


15. Bella at the time of adoption…


…and this is her 2 years after adoption. Unrecognizable!

16. Cookie’s first day home after spending 90 days in a shelter…


…and this is her after 1 year.

17. From being neglected and living on a chain outside…

…to happy and totally adored by us. Hank will never be neglected again.


18. Day 1 vs Year 4. Happily living in its furever home.

19. Freya was found abandoned in the French Quarter of New Orleans – covered in scabs and a tick…

…She’s been with us two years now, happy to say she is a pro snuggler


20. It’s been exactly one year since we brought home my best friend. She went from skinny and easily startled…

…to healthy and as comfortable as can be.

21. His name is now Obi-Wan. He was surrendered to Alabama animal control and shipped down to central Florida where we got him…


…No more tired/sad puppy eyes!

22. Sophia at the time of being rescued.

And this is her one year after. She’s living a happy life.


23. Sweet feral kitty bucky was found with missing fur and was losing lots of weight. Four months later, she has officially taken over my bed!

24. From 20% underweight, picked up off the street with pellets in her from being shot…

…to cuddly, playful, happy, and healthy.


25. It’s been almost 2 years since she picked me.

All these transformations literally melted my heart. Such a wholesome experience that I hope all of you enjoyed as much as I did, curating these transformations for you guys.

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. To end, I would say the same thing I said at the start. Love is limitless.


What do you think?