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18 Pictures Of Pets Who Found Happiness After Being Adopted

Do you think you are a true animal lover? Think again.

Millions of animals are taken into shelter homes in order to keep them protected from the adversities of living in the open. But no shelter home feels like home due to the limited space and facilities they have. Majorly cats and dogs are among the animals that are taken in by these sheltering organizations, mostly.


Crampy living spaces, limited food, and other factors contributing to uncomfortable living in the shelters put these animals under a lot of stress, especially dogs. They often feel shy and depressed when you first meet them, that’s because most of these abandoned doggos have lost their faith in the goodness of life as no one would adopt them or would want to take them home. Why? Because we all want our choice of “breeds” which is why these dogs are being neglected. They have every trait of being a good doggo and filling your life with happiness but they are being ignored only because they are strays. Also, it’s the power of love that heals these pooches. Bringing them home instantly lightens them up, the warmth, compassion, and empathy fade away the pain of being alone. Gradually, these dogs unleash their beautiful personalities and you fall in love with them all over again!

Here we have some gorgeous doggos who had become despair living at the shelter centers but after being adopted they turned out to be the ultimate definition of hope and happiness. The before and after adoption pictures showcases what being home feels like, it’s pure happiness!

1. The sparkle in his eyes has revived

via © motherofdogs12/imgur

Zola feels so good to be home, you can see that in her eyes

2. Happiness brings health

via © timothytrismegistus33/Imgur

This one likes bossing around the house now and its a treat to watch

3. From being confined to a small cell to excitedly running around the whole house

via © JuanOffhue/Imgur

Zane gray is growing up happy and healthy

4. “Hero was 11 pounds and afraid of humans. Now she’s 25 pounds and trusts humans a lot more!”

via © misspotatohead/Imgur© misspotatohead/Imgur

Hero is a superhero, for being so strong and forthcoming!

5. Wide doggy smile tells how happy someone is to be adopted

via © Clouderr/Imgur

This picture speaks a thousand words, indeed.

6. From being scared all the time to now being happy all the time

via © MatthewCarlVegeta/Imgur© MatthewCarlVegeta/Imgur

Goku loves being home and chilling around in the backyard

7. The change of expression has a long story hidden

via © Emilizola/Imgur

It’s so satisfying to see how that smile replaced that sad face

8. I am not crying, you are!

via © Mawrgoon/Imgur© Mawrgoon/Imgur

“This little fella was surrendered to the shelter 3 times before he was 10 months old”

9. She means the world to her person and vice-versa

via © StrangerOnThelnternet/Imgur© StrangerOnThelnternet/Imgur

She wandered around the roads homeless and hopeless but then she was brought home, that’s when she gave all herself in serving her person who has a medical condition, under proper training and supervision. What a devoted lady!

Every adoption story here is so heart-touching but we’re so glad these dogs found loving homes and are growing out to be contented. They deserved a life full of ease and they are finally where they were supposed to be. On the other hand, if you are one of our frequent readers, you must have seen that we have always encouraged our readers to opt for adopting a pet rather than shopping for one. We do understand that a majority of us would want to get our choice of breeds whether it’s a cat or a dog but the fact is, there are a lot of animals that are being neglected and killed due to this behaviour of ours.

A lot of strays are euthanized in order to make room for new ones and that’s just one of the saddest realities. They don’t find forever homes even though they have all the traits that any “breed” has. However, easier said than done but one should always have the intention of doing good and should always try to do that. People who adopt these pets and give them a new loving home are true animal lovers and there are absolutely no doubts about that.

Anyway, keep scrolling to see some of the greatest transitions of our lovely doggos from being in sadness to have found the greatest of all joys, the joy of being home!

10. A touch of love and grooming

via © Sepanian/Imgur© Sepanian/Imgur

11. He’s so happy to be adopted but he doesn’t really like the hat thing, I guess

via © rel318/Imgur

Come on doggo, it’s your birthday!

12. He’s comforted to be home with his feline sibling

via © mycatseatbetterthanIdo/Imgur© mycatseatbetterthanIdo/Imgur

Best friends forever!

13. The first thing he did after becoming familiar with things at home

via © flashgg/Imgur© flashgg/Imgur

He chose his laxing spot, and no one can take it now

14. “The minute he met my other dog, he lit up like a Christmas tree.”

via © shesafiresignyouknow/Imgur© shesafiresignyouknow/Imgur© shesafiresignyouknow/Imgur

Brother from another mother

15. From not coming out of her cage at all to never leaving my side, she has become a clingy baby

via © everlastingwhy/Imgur

The cuddles won’t stop

16. “It was love at first sight for me. I left the shelter saying, ’Her name is Kaia and she’s the one.’”

via © caobf/Reddit

She sure is beautiful!

17. A tall handsome boy

via © KnightsofCydonia/Imgur

“Duke is a 3-year-old greyhound who was surrendered after the Australian greyhound racing ban.”

18. Time and care heal everything

via © whatbar/Imgur© whatbar/Imgur

As this post comes to an end, we hope that these pictures will inspire you to adopt a pet rather than shopping for one and you would also advise your friends and family members to do the same. We hope that if you have been wanting to keep a pet for yourself, you’re already on your way to the shelter to adopt a beautiful pet and give him his life back. Dogs radiate positive energy and that’s all we want in our lives right now. You give them all your love and they’ll give you all of their lives, that’s how affectionate and selfless these adorable pooches are!

In the end, we would love to know whether have you ever adopted a pet or rescued a dog in despair? If you have, please don’t forget to share with us your heartwarming stories in the comment box below as it just might inspire more people to adopt!


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