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50 Hilarious Examples Of Cat Logics That Humans Will Never Understand

We think we know our cats very well and then they doe something completely out of the blue. It is very difficult to understand what is going on inside their head. They will act crazy and complicate even the simplest tasks. From sleeping in an awkward position in an odd place to making weird noises and breaking things. Cats have unpredictable and unexplainable logics that leave us wondering how and why.

There is no doubt that cats are packed with affection and entertainment. We dug deep into the internet rabbit hole and found 50 rib-tickling photos that prove that cat logics are not meant for the human brain to understand. Scroll down and check them out.

“Table manners? Never heard of them before.”


There are many reasons why a cat can go as nutty as a fruitcake. Sometimes, at night when you are fast asleep, your cat is hyperactive. She’s jumping around and meowing. Hitting random objects around the house and jumping on top of you in order to wake you up to join in. You wake up clueless. This is just one instance. There are so many different ways in which they act all messed up. From time to time you may find them expressing their predatory instincts. That too, mostly at night. It’s probably because they’re nocturnal.

Domestic cats don’t have to hunt food. They are served. Cats have a natural predatory instinct that urges them to stalk their prey and hunt. So, when they don’t get to hunt, they have all this energy and desire within them that demands action. That’s one reason why they act crazy and attack different objects, scratch them, and pounce them. Sometimes, they attack humans too. Now, this was only one explanation, believe me they do a lot more than just this!

“That’s not my door…”



Cats need adequate exercise. Without any activity, in a static routine cats go out of their minds. They may act extra crazy. Cats relax in the absence of their owner. So, when they come back home all tired from a long day at work, they are hyperactive and want to play with them. They are in a dire need of good activity to use all the energy they have. It’s just how these furry creatures work. When you are drained and have no energy left for your cat, they go crazy and especially during the night time. Cats are not really drama queens. They are just furious.

This guy is in airplane mode.



Maybe your cat is getting old… Yes! Age factor can also cause cats to act nutty and unstable. This behavior is normal for anyone who’s senile whether they’re animals or humans. This can also be due to Cognitive Dysfunctioning. If a cat is or has suffered from a severe head injury they may have symptoms of abnormal mentation. Dr Kathryn Winger who specializes in neurology discusses mentation in her study ” Feline Neurology, Part I: Examination And Localization“. According to her “A patient that was once fractious and is now easy to handle may also be neurologically inappropriate. The owner is usually the best judge of subtle behavior changes.” These symptoms may include short-term memory loss, unstable deportment and loss of balance. These cats may not be able to remember the placement of the litter box and food bowls.

He thinks he’s flour and that’s his container.


Natalie Haston

“Nope! I’m cool.”


Is your cat meowing vigorously and is being hypersensitive? It’s scratching itself and acting as if something is biting it? Acting all crazy? Then it is possible that your cat has fleas. It is advised that you see a vet immediately and get the prescribed medication. Help them get rid of fleas and your cat will start acting normal again.

“That’s how I drink water normally.”



“It’s too heavy hooman. I can’t lift this”



“I can drink water from the glass. Watch this!”



Well, not sure what’s up with these two. I mean, WHY!?


Well, not every crazy behaviour that your cat displays have the logical reasoning to it. Sometimes, there are just silly cat logics that we can not interpret. As to why a cat is not eating from his/her bowl or why are they stretched out like crazy? Why aren’t they sleeping in their designated spots? We just don’t know. But whatever the insane cat-reason it is, it’s hysterical.


He’s probably saving a seat for his buddy. Guarding it, so no one else can sit.


If “I’ll go sleep on the roof” had a face.


“You don’t tell me what to do hooman. I make rules here.”



“So, you were telling me I can’t fit inside this box?”


“Rules are made for the weak! I do as I wish.”



This one can’t decide.


“Are you reading the rules book of cat kingdom? Good…”



“You said no. Then I must.”


“Hooman, I like the box better.”



Why do cats love boxes so much? We all have asked ourselves this question. The reason behind this is safety and security. Cats feel safe and secure in a box. They generally like enclosed places. That’s why they feel safe in a box. It also helps them hide and look for prey. C.M. Vinke, L.M. Godijn, L.M. Godijn conducted a study at the University of Utrecht, “Will a hiding box provide stress reduction for shelter cats?” which involved a group of shelter cats. Half of the cats were provided boxes and the other half were not. These cats were then observed. The study concluded that the cats with the boxes recovered quicker and adapted their surrounds as compared to the ones without boxes. Boxes help cats adjust and interact with their surrounding better.

“You intruder!! Get out of my house!!”


“It’s comfy.”



*Panics* “I think i lost my cat! I can’t seem to find himanywhere.” *A few moments later* “Found him!!”

“Go away hooman! Shu shu! I’m napping.”


Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur. Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr purr purr.

Cats have unpredictable eating schedules.



Me: *Finally opens the book to study.* My cat: “NO!”

He fits in, so he thinks he can sit.


“Must break this.”


“Where’s all this light coming from?”

This one’s looking for a book to read. Maybe.


He wants to help?

“Oh look! A new box.”

“It’s a nice spot to sit.”


“No hooman this is my space. You can’t claim it.”

“Pizza box? I just heard box.”

This one seems to be practicing ‘Playing dead’.


We’re clueless…

Maybe my cat is lost…

” I’m not talking to you hooman.”


This one found a new pillow.

“Hooman, it’s cuddle time! Chop chop! ”

People ask me why I don’t cook? Reasons why I can’t.


Aww… This photo is so soothing.

“I own the printer now.”

Don’t know why cats are so obsessed with shirts…


” Let me see hooman!”

“Hooman, you’re forgetting the essentials. Me…don’t forget to pack me.”

This one is reading newspaper before an epic rap battle.


This one found a new buddy and they’re having a very depressing pillow talk.

Looks like this one found something.

Bought a new bed for this one but he chose a box instead.

We are much amused by these cats. Silly yet delightful. Does your cat go completely crazy and you can’t figure out why? Do share with us in the comments below, photos and stories of how crazy your cat is. We love to hear from you. Also, share this with your fellow feline owners and see if they can relate.


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