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40 Pics Of Golden Retriever Puppies That Prove They’re The Purest Thing Ever

We don’t deserve dogs.

I know many people say this offhandedly. But we are all aware that dogs are too pure for this world and they love us to bits even when we aren’t particularly nice to them. However, today we are not looking at that side of things. We are going to take a look at some of the most adorable golden retrievers ever doing what puppies do. Which is usually napping all the time.


Most people love golden retrievers and there is a reason for that. They are usually very friendly and will not hurt you but will protect you if need be. Although they can grow to be quite big, they are big softies underneath all that fur. That is why many people recommend getting a golden retriever as a first dog as they are what you’d call ‘noob friendly’.

So scroll on below and get ready for your heart to melt like ice-cream on a hot day.

#1 Going for a ride.

Via fattastic44

When you want to go somewhere but you have to bring the whole squad. -Madel Gadrinab

#2 The smile says it all.

Via chiefpupmarshall

#3 This boy is pretty surprised.

Via timbergoldenboy

#4 The only word I can think of is adorable.

Via sharronrkl

This is the only situation where the word ‘moist’ has positive connotations. -Ana-Maria Dan

#5 She sure does like the taste of flowers.

Via dog_rates

This is Paisley. She ate a flower just to prove she could. Savage af. 13/10 would pet so well.

#6 When you want someone to push your swing first.

Via Wildchild0822

#7 Time for some yoga.

Via jarodagoldens

This wonderful bed has been all broken in. Can I use it now? -John L

#8 The eyes have so much emotion.

Via bonjelea

#9 This mother is a trooper and deserves some well-earned rest.

Via pubestic

My golden retriever and her 3 day old puppies.

#10 A bit squishy but everyone seems alright.

Via grayson160

#11 Is the other one actually asleep?

Via Margaret Stewart

#12 He needs some nail trimming.

Via jadeandhergoldens

#13 He looks quite happy with being stuck.

Via capecodpup

Oh puppster this is not “if I fits I sits”! -Ana Maria Dan

#14 A wet doggo is a bad doggo.

Via reddit

#15 Never stop.

Via golden_retriever

Oh Man, I really love all these chest rubs! I’ll give you two hours to stop. -John L

#16 This shoe is the comfiest pillow I’ve ever used.

Via golden_sky_puppy

This is soo satisfying. Not only does it give a great head rest, but it has my Daddy’s smell too. -John L

#17 ‘So, I can eat this right?’

Via ig_pups

#18 Just a little nap.

Via jacksonthegolden

All my brothers and sisters are gone, but I still have this little fellow to cuddle with. -John L

#19 Whoever is bathing them is gonna be drenched.

Via NevaCash

#20 The puppy holder is finally getting used.

Via TheGeoffos

#21 The doggo sure loves the sun.

Via life_as_lila

Early morning walks are overrated.

#22 Smollest to the biggest.

Via amys3goldens

Only four more to go, and then Mommy can totally relax again. -John L

#23 ‘I need help Hooman!’

Via Vtrin

#24 After a day of playing.

Via sharronrkl

My heart just melted!! -Abbs0345

#25 The first meeting between a son and his mother.

Via leebejeebee

#26 The adorable pup named Rocket.

Via amraktsoper

Looks like this Rocket has run out of fuel, and needs recharging. -John L

#27 He just needed some rest.

Via henrycavills

My school always brings a bunch of therapy dogs on campus during midterms to cheer people up and look at this little guy that was on the diag today.

#28 ‘I can’t deal with you right now.’

Via ccdominic

#29 I’d go with the latter.

Via dnceebz

Not sure if my friend got a puppy or a baby polar bear.

#30 ‘I’ll keep you warm.’

Via ZaraDaniella

These little fellows are so precious when they’re in Full Relaxation mode. -John L

#31 Ready for an adventure.

Via puffinandbennie

#32 Perfect time to rub her belly!

Via staygoldenrustyboy

If you scratch my chest, and rub my tummy, I’ll be Sooo Happy! -John L

#33 ‘Give me high five!’

Via golden_retriever

#34 I don’t think he’ll fit.

Via oso_goldenbear

I mean he’s an essential accessory for every photoshoot…EVERYTHING is better with puppies, EVERYTHING!!! -AnaMaria Dan

#35 I think I am getting a cuteness overload.

Via scottBIGG

I don’t think Mommy has enough nipples to handle these spark plugs when they wake up for dinner. -John L

#36 Dusty is in the mood for a nap.

Via kn1187

#37 Buy a bigger fridge for the adorable puppy.

Via matrix325

Hey Mommy, we need a bigger ‘Walk-in’ cooler. -John L

#38 Is that a panda?

Via mister.enzoviola

Must be a black lab, somewhere up the supply chain, just dying to get out. -John L

#39 ‘Don’t I look gorgeous?’

Via staygoldenrustyboy

Photobombed by my little sis. She’s always trying to be the center of attention.

#40 This one is sho happy.

Via zhao hui

Aren’t these puppies the purest thing this world has ever seen? Especially in dark times like these, everyone needs a little bit of hope. So don’t forget to share these with the world to bring light to your friends as well. And comment down below to let us know if you have a little companion in your puppy as well.


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