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14 Tweets Pointing Out Hilarious Things About Disney Princesses

When we think of Disney princesses, we get flashbacks from our childhood and find ourselves in a magical place. We’ve all seen the Disney movies and many of us basically grew up on them. Our extremely delicate sentiments are attached to Disney and its characters. They were our first love when we didn’t even know what love meant. They taught us about dreams. A dream is a wish our heart makes. They taught us to chase those dreams and imagine. Imagine without boundaries. Imagine anything and believe in the unbelievable. Disney gave us songs like “colors of the wind” and “Hakuna Matata” that always cheered us up and lifted our spirits. They taught us to let go of the things that hold us back and take a stand for what’s right. To move forward in life and have faith in ourselves and our abilities.


All our lives we have been so deeply engrossed in this fantasy land of Disney that we might have missed out on some of the smallest barely noticeable, witty details about the Disney princesses. We didn’t know either before reading these hilarious tweets that made a point. Below are 14 tweets where people have noticed funny little facts about the Disney princesses that Disney may have included on purpose for us to find out as grown-ups and think that we have been living a lie.

Scroll down and check it out.

They were clueless about trust.

Disney has been oblivious about subtle things like building trust and getting to know people better before you marry them right after you’ve been introduced.


Violation of the law…

Disney knew about the pandemic all along.

OH MY GOD! Another one! Guess Hollywood already knew about COVID-19. So many predictions have already been made, like in the Simpsons and others. Now, this! Wow! By the way, we can totally relate to Rapunzel these days. Quarantined in our homes, doctors protecting us from the coronavirus. Guess the vaccine would be like prince Eugene who would come and rescue us from our castles. Finally, life would return to normal one day and we’d go back to work.

Well, that’s a valid thing to be bothered about.

So, little mermaid isn’t really little, Huh!


I can show you the world. Shining, shimmering—Agrabah.

Okay, this one’s a bit creepy.

The girl and a dumb prince.

Will ignore all the things and just focus on dancing with the beautiful girl. No talkie, Only dancy.


Frozen 2: Not so frozen.

This tweet’s got a point.

Hey, were those bread and rolls fresh?


This kid’s a genius!

Wait a minute! You don’t say…

There is so much about The Little Mermaid that we don’t know.


On the outside: Please don’t. On the inside: Please do.

Whoa! We’ll never see these movies the same way again. Let us know in the comments below if you have found some details that should be highlighted. Share it with your friends and family if you liked these tweets!


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