10+ Hilarious Wi-Fi Names That’ll Make Your Day

Is your Wi-Fi name creative or is it something plain and boring?

Never give up the chance to make people laugh. The world is already so bitter, it needs to lighten up a bit. Wi-Fi names aren’t anything special, but if I see a funny one, it makes my day. Little things like that actually matter.


AskReddit users were asked to share the most hilarious names they’ve come across, and the list is pretty funny. Scroll down below to see them:

1. The real MVP.

Hotspot named “I got you” with no password.

2.  A bit of name stealing never hurt anyone.

Rebellious Amish Family

Lol after 8 years my highest voted comment is my Wi-Fi name. Which i stole from Reddit the last time this thread was made.

This is the way.

3. Very reassuring, thanks.

My guest network is named “Very Free WiFi No Viruses”.

4. Playing pranks on your neighbour.

Mine is named “Apt47ShowerCam”. I’m in apartment 46.

5. You have to admit, that’s ridiculous!

I was at Disneyland resort with my family, and when we were in the parking lot, I looked at the WiFi names and one of them said “34 dollars 4 a f**king waffle’

6.  It’s not wrong.

Was in a McDonald’s and there was the normal McDonald’s WiFi and then there was one that said “McDonald’s makes you fat bitch”

7.  Learn, Susan.

“We can’t keep doing this Susan.”

8. This pun is genius!

“The Promised LAN.”

9.  Bet nobody asks for the password to these.

Ours is called “No Internet Access” and “5G Network Unavailable”. I confuse myself with it every now and then.

10. Reminds me of nicknames in middle school.

Marty McWiFi is one I’ve seen in my neighborhood.

11. That’s dark, but okay.

Holy mother of hell.

My grandmother didn’t have wifi and just bought a Iphone (she’s about 72) so, me being the good child I am,I helped her set her wifi up,I asked her simply ‘What would you like your password to be?’ She replied with this….’I’m going to die soon 123’

To this day when I go over,I can still see it on the refrigerator ‘Wifi password;I’m going to die soon 123’.

12.  How nice.

Our neighbor has one that’s “Stay-Off-Asshole.” Which, y’know, sure. But they also have a second, unsecured one: “Stay-Off-Asshole (guest).” I still laugh when I see that.

13.  No fights over the router, please.


My neighbours have this… They’re mother and daughter 🤔.

14. This is hilarious!

Drop it like it’s hotspot.

15. I believe we can touch the sky!



These names are so hilarious and creative, I’m jealous of the brains that made them up. What about you? What’s your Wi-Fi name? Do you have any funny names to share? Let us know in the comments below!


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