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15 Hilariously Honest Job Application Answers That (Sometimes) Got People Hired

Honesty is the best policy.

In time, the big bang formed the multiverse, and ever since humankind arrived on the tiny planet Earth, throughout the dark thoughts and corrupt ideology, honesty always succeeded. I should be a dialogue composure for sci-fi movies.


Well, we all know honesty really is the best policy and sometimes it turns out to be very funny as well. But you really need that sort of brain activity to realize the humor and not get offended. Once a person is done with their education or even without education, they have to eventually look for a job for securing a future. Now a high-paying job does sound very attractive but the process to make it to that position can be very annoying at times.

In order to make sure you have a chance, the resume counts a lot. It can make or break the deal for you in seconds. HR department for bigger companies usually skims through a resume not longer than 7 seconds so you need to have something eye-catchy in there. If they stop on your resume for more than 7 seconds, consider you are getting an interview call soon. Some people like to go for the “honesty is the best policy” and those highly risky but extremely funny answers can actually work at times. Higher the risk, higher the return, right?

Let’s enjoy some amusingly honest job applications filled by applicants which could work out for you as well…sometimes.

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1. That must have been a really interesting interview in my opinion.

Via talktoskirt

2. I am sure the talented interviewee would have all the answers up their arsenal.


Via stancup94

3. Two very rare skills.


Via AstridBears

4. Never judge a book by its cover. Not that a Daffy Duck tie is outrageous or anything.


Via jcarlsonma

5. Should have been more clear.


Via mmucca

6. How do you answer such questions with a straight face?


Via MacDaptable

7. Shrugged a mouse off like it was nothing. A champion.


Via Shelley_Latin

My goodness! These experiences are literally killing me. As a university student currently completing their bachelors should be very afraid of this or should I be enjoying these experiences because I am kinda stuck now, Anyways, as the saying goes, enjoy the present like there is no future so we are going to enjoy these hilarious stories for now.

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8. That would cause some trouble to the interviewer’s head.


Via Via hiaquaman

9. Hackerman.


Via velour_shirt

10. These risk takers are an inspiration for future applicants.


Via stuckinthe_60s

11. When all the pieces fall into the right places.

Via SherriLikesLibs

12. A skill is a skill.


Via Adam_Wright23

13. Damn straight yo!

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It’s not easy to be a fat man and cook a perfect egg. They got a gem.

Via TessitoreShouts

14. The literal ones are the best.


Via DrPaperwasp

15. I would have hired them instantly.

Via drmiller166

It takes heart, it really does. It could just be for fun but given the level of risk these guys just took with their job applications, I might not be able to do such a thing. This is why, we have the internet, to have fun viewing other people do it.

Commendable efforts, to be fair. I really hope you guys enjoyed it. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Elon Musk would fully accept such job applications.


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