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Guy Exposes Church Minister Who Got Him Fired To Hire His Family Members

‘Take a good look at yourself.’

Those are the words that we all should live. We should first look at ourselves our bad and good habits before judging someone else. And while most religions do teach that. The people who are ’employed’ in some capacity related to the religion might now. Take for example this story. Where the Youth Minister and even the Pastor were less than ideal versions of decent human beings.


I am well aware nobody can be perfect but aren’t these people supposed to be pious and honest? Apparently this guy didn’t get the memo. Because not only was he incredibly rude, he was also arrogant and convinced everyone that he was always in the right. If that sounds like the worst person possible, its probably because he is.

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Source: Reddit

First, we have a little background before the youth minister from hell came to the Church.

That sounds like he wanted everyone to follow him like a cult.


I wonder why anyone would like a stuck up person like that?


He just wanted to go higher and higher.


They talk like there is anything wrong with the word ‘liberal’.


It was all going well until ‘Mr. Charming’ basically fired this guy.


And it was all because of greed. Who would have thought?


And here I thought Pastor T would be the good guy in this story.


Sadly, it was all because of false accusations and rumors.


They had tried their best to ruin this guy’s life.

But he wasn’t having it so he set out to learn more about the minister.


He wanted to get all the dirt on ‘Mr. Charming’.

And thankfully dirt was what his old church had in spades.


More people started to get involved in the investigation.

They were taking it slow but they knew a break had to be just around the corner.


And boy were they right!

They finally hit a payload of what they were looking for.


And now they also had Fred alongside them.

You would think he would learn his lesson after what happened to him.


I mean who wouldn’t listen to such an intimidating man?

I would have run far away not just a town over.


This rings true for me because my parents’ Southern Baptist church almost hired a guy to be their new senior pastor, until their local newspaper got wind of the fact that he left his previous position (at a larger church) after being caught having sex with former members of his youth group, while he was married at the time.

Even in medium-sized towns, newspaper exposés get attention. –tnchris

When Fred realized he was close, he could not believe it.

It seems Fred’s revenge was not over yet

And when this guy visited the church, he was happy to see ‘Mr. Charming’ was nowhere in sight.

Basically everybody knew what had happened.

After all, he didn’t want to get into any trouble.


It took a long time but things started to blow over after a while.

And all of them hushed the unfortunate event.


This guy also moved on from trying to become a pastor.

And he found something he was truly passionate about.

However, this is not where the story ends.

Apparently there is a bit more of comeuppance left for ‘Mr. Charming’ years later. After all, revenge is best served cold.

One last, very gratifying, event, THE REASON FOR THIS POST:

All that happened 6-7 years ago. Fast forward to last March. I went to pick up a friend at a large downtown urban bus station in the US. Everyone hates this place. Not only is it crowded, but it is also poorly maintained and filthy. It smells like spoiled garbage mixed with diesel exhaust and seldom-cleaned public restrooms.

My friend’s bus was late. I stopped by the newsstand to get myself a soda and candy bar.

Who do you think was re-stocking the shelves?

Mr. Charming.

I just sat across from the newsstand and enjoyed my drink and snack.

He recognized me, then turned away. I just sat and watched him, re-stocking shelves full of porno mags and junk food.


For those who don’t want to read the whole post.


What are your thoughts on this story? Do you think this is the reason many people don’t go to church? Because of horror stories like these? Comment down below and let us know.


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