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12 Times Women Gave Best Response After Receiving Unsolicited Pregnancy Advice

Try not to mess with pregnant women.

Pregnancy is not easy. It can get really hard given how the moods switch so often and nausea, pain, and everything. It’s a game of patience. And a woman who has been getting through their pregnancy with so much patience and character will flip out if you try to act cool. In order words, give unsolicited advisory to pregnant women and you will be facing some grave consequences. It is a universal rule after all and by now everyone should be aware of it. In today’s world, offending someone is pretty easy. So here’s a simple policy, if that baby is not growing in you, you should keep that glob zipped and mind your own business.


Amidst all this, there are some humans who love advising women over pregnancy and they fully got dealt with. I mean it was always going to be inevitable if you think about it. Think about telling a finance manager how to discount a cash flow. They will snap and put you in your place just by using numbers. It’s the same with a woman who knows they have to carry the baby once they conceive it and also knows the measures needed to make sure it’s a healthy delivery after 9 months. Today we’ve got 12 tweets for you guys that are living proof that pregnant women don’t give two shits about your pregnancy advice.

Scroll down below to see how the unwelcomed advisory was dealt with.

1. Everyone would have something different for that hangover.

Via @nbrink77

2. Human brain put to right use.


Via @Diamond_Jax

3. The climax was intense!


Via @dearydarling

4. That will shut them up.


Via @MomLegally

5. Not. Your. Problem. Mr. Bartender.


Via @brookeOB1

6. This is so amazing. Every pregnant woman should do this.


Via @mcrate_s

I am going to make sure to never advise pregnant women on what to do while they’re carrying a baby inside them. I mean, the whole process is already so hard and could be really annoying at times too, and having some people trying to “help” you with it, does not feel like any help at all. So yeah, if you want to help try lifting that heavy-ass baby bump for them. That’s how you can help them.

Let’s continue enjoying some more comebacks!

7. If it helps with the hangover, you shall continue drinking it.


Via @hot4mysoldier

8. That is how you deal with the side-eyed looks.


Via @TjMansell

9. Recoiling back into the cave.


Via @FlamingTornado1

10. That sort of abruptness must have pierced some holes through that nose.


Via @Athenae

11. Just mind your own damn business.

Via @protectSaka

12. Adding to their surprise.


Via @petitegourmande

Well, now you know my friends. In order to keep that self-esteem and confidence level maintain, make sure to never stick a leg in a pregnant women’s matter. Trust me, the excitement of having a kid makes them go through so many books before they even get married so they are totally up to date with how the matters proceed.

I really hope you guys enjoyed the responses. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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