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50 Huge Great Dane Dogs Who Still Think They Are Lapdogs

Do not get scared of their huge size, Great Dane dogs are always puppies at heart.

Everyone gets intimidated by big dogs, they all are afraid of big dogs because apparently the bigger the size the more dangerous they are. That is the mentality of most of the people out there which is totally understandable but not entirely true. If it is just a phobia, take baby steps because once you start interacting with them and playing with them, earning their trust and you become comfortable around them then it would not take you on to fall head over heels for them. That is the magical power of every dog out there, you immediately get attracted to them and soon fall in love with their uniqueness as an animal. Trust me, your mind would change immediately and you will gain yourself a friend in the form of the dog. the most loyal, protective and playful friend ever. It is the best kind of friendship ever.


Great Dane dogs are one of the tallest species of dogs and also one of the most majestic breeds of dogs. They are huge in size, truly a sight to behold. A full-grown Great Dane dog can weigh up to 79 kilograms and can be up to 81 centimeters tall. How insane is that! These in charge dogs are so large, people easily get terrified of them but what they do not know is that they have many good and positive qualities such as being super friendly, great with kids, social, caring and undoubtedly very attractive. All of these qualities make these dogs the perfect pet for families and of course, a great companion.

We have gathered a bunch of insanely adorable pictures of huge Great Dane dogs acting as if they are still puppies and they can sit, lounge anywhere or on anyone as if they are lapdogs. It is just as hilarious as it sounds and we are excited to share these cute pictures with you. Keep on scrolling down to see the adorable Great Dane dogs doing adorable things…

1. “Our Neighbor Sent Me This Adorable Display Of Pure Joy Between Our Dogs. They Finally Got Him A Stool So He Could Greet His Big Friend Properly”

via: Beetlejuicex3babe

2. “Once A Lap Dog, Always A Lap Dog”


via: groot.the.great.dane

3. “Rut-Row-Raggy”


via: camman1776

4. “Gave Her A Toilet Paper Tube To Play With, And She Proceeded To Breathe Through It Like This For Over A Minute”


via: livin4advntr

5. “My Dog Thinks He’s A Lap Dog When My Grandma Stops By”


via: JChilly12

6. “Biggest Scaredy Cat In The World”


via: SkerpNderp_

7. “Today’s Flight Just Got Interesting”


via: jimmy_bones_

8. “The Photo My Sister Just Sent Me Of Her Great Dane And The New Puppy They Just Got. Look At It”


via: beth_phelan

9. “This Puppy”


via: Muntsville

10. “My Sister Is Driving 10 Hours Back Home With The Great Dane Puppy She Just Got”


via: sticky_muffin87

11. “This Other Dog Had Really Big Ears”

via: snapsgoal1

12. “This 6-Foot Great Dane Presley Is Also Known As Scooby-Doo Duo To Being Afraid Of Everything, From Tiny Dogs, To Plastic Bags And Vacuum Cleaners”


via: DraftDraw

13. Looking Out The Front Door. “I Made A New Friend, Please Can I Keep Him?”

via: zatt

14. “Anyone, No?”


via: chaosphile

15. “Let’s Just Pretend They’re The Same Size”

via: Linda Mater

16. “Luna When Our Son Started Getting Scolded”


via: mommabeats

17. “7 Weeks And 17 Weeks”

via: lost_among_the_stars

18. “A Great Dane Riding Shotgun In A Sports Car. Hollywood, California 1961”


via: Lank_Thompson

19. “Saw A Gentle Giant At The Vets! She Was A Darling And Sat Down With Her Owner While They Waited”

via: Chimtori

20. “Your Dog Can Fetch A Ball? That’s Cute”


via: Svisor

21. “It’s A Melting Dane”

via: Jessica Harper

22. “Nap Time Little Human. Quit Wiggling”


via: larrygreatdane

23. “Sharing Is Caring”

via: lifesaver14

24. “Jones Has A Desire To Be A Window Washer When He Grows Up”

via: Amy Demrovsky

Oh, my heart can not take this much cuteness! I knew that these dogs were not dangerous as most people believe them to be but I had no idea they are actually so innocent and adorable. They are such a beautiful breed of dogs, I am totally in love with them. I personally love big dogs and after finding out that Great Dane dogs are not only cute on the outside but they are also very pure and beautiful from the inside, I have absolutely fallen in love with their personality and I can not wait to adopt a Great Dane puppy one day. We still have so many more pictures below that define the word cute perfectly. Keep on scrolling down to see those dainty, cutesy Great Dane dogs yourself…

25. “Ryder The Great Dane Who Weighs 87 Kg With His Friend Ally The Chihuahua Who Weighs 2 Kg”

via: heraldsunphoto

26. “This Is Buck, A 10-Week-Old Great Dane Pup. He Has Now Mastered The Sit Command And Is Now Part Of The Good Boy Club”


via: mermaidprincess6969

27. “When You Are Big Snoops That Can’t Mind Their Own Business”


via: big_dog_does_big_things

28. “It’s Tiny, Isn’t It?”

via: joanarpm

29. “Big House Cow Meets Little House Cow”


via: beautifulntrealistic

30. “Lincoln The Dane”

via: bmoc9891

31. “She Loves The Blower”

via: vinkulelu

32. “My Two Loves, Waiting On Our Hooman Baby To Join Us Any Day”


via: RogueWolverine

33. “Our Great Derp”

via: Pissy-Paws

34. “Boomie Bear Meeting His New Neighbor”

via: mm_bacon

35. “My Daughter Was Home Sick One Day. When I Peeked Into Her Room, This Is What I Found”


via: Mongo1021

36. “My Great Dane Puppy’s One Year Difference”

via: nightmancometh0419

37. “My Aunt’s Goofy Great Dane, Louis”

via: lettensp

38. “These Are The Critters That Get To Ride On The Golf Cart”


via: nancynoelart

39. “This Dog Sitting At A Subway”

via: boredwatermelon

40. “She Might Be 6’2” Long, But Lola Is The Gentlest Of Giants”

via: SelectStarAll

41. “Just A Girl And Her Dane”


via: rambodane

42. “This Is Shadow. He’s A Lap Dog”

via: DwightCharlieQuint

43. “This Big Potato Enjoys The Tiniest Chairs He Could Find”

via: thehouseofderp

44. “The Park Broke My Dog”


via: rossavitz

45. “From Pupper To Woofer In Just 1 Year”

via: nemetskii

46. “He Won’t Stop Growing – Send Help”

via: brewski_vs_gizmo

47. “How My Parents’ Great Dane Puppy Lays On The Ottoman He Outgrew”


via: tugboat_tyler

48. “3 Months / 6 Months / 12 Months”

via: thes**tburg

This last picture perfectly shows how huge these dogs can be in just a short while and it is so incredibly fascinating to me, these dogs are truly majestic. would you adopt a Great Dane dog? If yes, yay! If not, why? Tell us your opinions in the comments down below…


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