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18 “Tough Guys” Who Didn’t Want A Pet But Melted When They Got One

Dads and the pets they never wanted will always be a relationship we will adore.

A lot of us spend our entire childhood begging for our parents to get us a pet, and only listen to our request get rejected. Well, to be fair to the parents, we get where they were coming from. Getting a pet is a huge responsibility. You have to make sure they are well-fed, take care of their health by taking them to regular checkups, clean up after them, take them for walks, and make sure they are getting enough of your attention. When a kid asks for a pet, all the financial burden falls on the parents. Kids also are not capable of giving so much time to their pets as they have school half of the day. So that just basically means it is going to be the parents’ responsibility entirely. When they think they can not deal with such a big responsibility, they don’t let their kids have a pet. However, as the kids grow up and become more mature, they might bring home a pet. The parents will obviously oppose it at first, but seeing how lovable the animal is, they will eventually melt. Come on, who can refuse those cute little fur babies? Even the toughest of guys will have to give away when they receive the special cuddles that come with getting a pet. Nobody can stay mad at the pet for long. And the bond that is formed between the “tough guy” of the house and the pet is beautiful.


1. “My husband ’doesn’t like cats’ and refused to let me get a kitty for the longest time. He now gives the kitten a dab of cream cheese every morning and naps with him on the couch but insists that he doesn’t like the little dude.”

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2. “My dad: ’No, we’re not getting another dog!!’ Also my dad:”


© doesamulletmakeaman / Reddit

3. “It took 3 years to convince him since ’he’s more of a cat person.’ He finally agreed as long as the pup wasn’t allowed on the bed or any furniture. This is now what I wake up to every morning.”


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4. “My boyfriend who thought all cats were evil is now doing indoor rock climbing to reach her. Why? Because he wanted to kiss her forehead.”


© Doctorspiper / Reddit

5. “’ I’m a cat person,’ he said. Now he says, ’Where’s Penny?! I need Penny! I can’t sleep without my doggy!’”


© CharmingtheCobra / Reddit

6. “My sister told me I should post our dad on here. Our dad used to always say, ’I don’t want animals at home!’ I just received this picture. Also, he told my mom that the dogs are all his.”


© 2lame2comeupwaname / Reddit

7. “Dad: ’No cats allowed in this house!’ Also dad: paints picture of our cats to hang at home…”


© beautifulcabbage / Reddit

8. “’ She can stay for 2 weeks,’ turned into him telling her it hurts when she doesn’t hug him on Christmas (2005)”


© Raudonis / Reddit

9. “My dad: ’CAN WE RETURN IT??? IF WE KEEP IT, IT CAN’T GO ON THE FURNITURE AND I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.’ My dad, out loud, mere days later: ’Let’s move this pillow to give you more room. Are you comfy? Do you want some pets? Let’s read together.’”


© grapefruitmaven / Reddit

10. “He never wanted an animal in the house and now they have matching sweaters!”


© Purple_Panda_1 / Reddit

11. “He was a firm opponent of the hairless cat but skin to skin is the best way to connect.”

© literallyironic11 / Reddit

12. “’ We are never getting a cat.’ – my husband”


© kariiann / Reddit

Everyone likes acting all tough and making people think that nothing can get through to them. But those walls can be easily broken down by a furbaby. An animal does not care about your tough guy act. They just want to play around and make friends. So the person that absolutely hated the pet when they first got them will end up becoming their best friend forever. It is a beautiful journey from hate to unconditional love. If you have not seen it happen before, here are 20 “tough guys” who didn’t want a pet but melted when they got one.

You can’t even tell by these photos that these people did not want these pets in the house. The funniest part is, that most of them said that the pet won’t be allowed on the bed or furniture, but ended up sleeping while cuddling them. Now, that is a 180-degree turn that we would love to see any day. Scroll down below to see more.

13. “No matter how much I begged, my dad never let me have a pet when I was younger. This is him dragging my cat in a box (which he named The Kitty Express) while making train noises and laughing like a child.”

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© emmawiiwiiwii / Reddit

14.  “ME: ’I don’t want a new bird, they’ll only bond with you and want nothing to do with me!’ NEW BIRD:”


© zaphod_beeble_bro / Reddit

15. “My husband is allergic and hates cats.”

© Scarlett_fever / Reddit

16. “Dad went from: ’You’re taking him with you when you leave,’ to ’Are you really gonna take him with you?’”


© DragonpaladinAlaine / Reddit

17. “Dad: ’If we get a tortoise I’m not looking after it.’ Also Dad: ’Get comfy, Hector, and let me show you pictures of your brethren.’”

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18. ”He still doesn’t admit he loves his cat.”


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Have you ever seen a tough guy that didn’t want a pet at first but later became their best friend? Share the stories with us in the comments below.


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