18 Times Humans Were Adopted By Cats And It Is Adorable (New Stories)

What person wouldn’t want to be adopted by a cat? I understand that seeing a random cat curled up in your bed may seem odd. But I think it would be great if I woke up in the morning to discover a new cat on my couch. And if you enjoy that, you will undoubtedly enjoy these kitties who have adopted humans.

They simply strolled in and made themselves at home. We’re all aware that cats aren’t pets, and that we will always be their butlers, so why fight it in the first place? After all, they are our overlords, and we should treat them as such. And who could say no when the overlords are so adorable? Always adopt, never shop, as we always say. And it appears that these kitties got the message.

So, scroll down to see some new adorable kitty faces!


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