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23 Hysterical Animal Photos That Prove Life With Pets Is A Hilarious Comedy Show

Having a perfect picture of your pet is no easy task. No matter how perfectly they are sitting on the sofa or enjoying the moment, once you grab your camera and attempt to record the moment of these fluffy buddies, you will always end up having the ugliest, horrible, and idiotic image of your pet.


We’re not sure what it is about these animals that makes them so camera-shy, why don’t they just allow us to take a single perfect picture, why aren’t they aware that we need to save memory and an album of these friends’ existences, why aren’t they able to sit properly while taking a photograph? Huff! Anyways,  no matter how bad their picture is, we always laugh at these photographs in the future whenever we see these stupid images and always recall the entire story behind these silly moments that we captured.

So, thank you to these pals for making our lives full of fun, full of lovely memories, and full of joy. We couldn’t have done it without you. We couldn’t picture a single moment without our furry friends. They make us feel complete and always make us laugh.

Anyway, do you want to see some humorous and bizarrely taken photographs of these pets? Then keep scrolling down and make your room full of laughter!

1. This cat took flossing to another level…

Via bambuk1000 / reddit

2. Stop filming me, hooman.

Via skinnyawkward / twitter

3. Curious about what makes this dog so happy.

Via RONNOC / twitter

4. Let’s have some breakdance!

Via mac_is_crack / reddit

5. Look at this little dracula.

Via noraaa_3 / twitter

6. These tongue needles actually look scary!

Via  Fuzzie8 / reddit

“I caught my cat in the act of attacking a roll of toilet paper.”

7. Some power nap before another round!

Via ameliespch / reddit

“I can’t do this anymore.”

8. What’s wrong with this innocent soul?

Via  nicolie_olie21 / twitter

9. That feeling you get when someone gives you a soothing head massage.

Via OkayJass / twitter

10. Looks like this pup needs a little bit of your attention.

Via yourbestbudz / reddit

11. Scratch, scratch, and more scratch!

Via eyefetish69 / reddit

“This is how Bella cleans herself.”

12. 3..2..1..let’s go, hooman!

Via © ArmeyJensen / twitter

“Just let me quickly explain who the boss is here.”

13. Just look at that tiny teef!!!

Via lydianelson01 / reddit
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14. Is that a bear or a doggo?

Via TheRealZeldaOG / reddit

15. Is there any way to unsee this picture?

Via Ostrantula / reddit

16. The face you make when someone touches your neck.

Via  crebagger / reddit

“Dad, did you call me?”

17. Holy Crap! that’s a demon inside this purr…

Via dorkphoenyx / reddit

“Maybe *don’t* smile for the camera?”

18. Three balls in one frame!

Via  sharontweet / reddit

19. When you take a cold soothing bath after a long sunny day.

Via  sam-mulder / reddit

20. Why cats can’t take a normal selfie?

Via Pirate_Redbeard / reddit

21. When you wake up from a power nap wonder what day it is and what time it is.

Via PsstHailSithis / reddit

22. Help me, hooman, help!

Via milimilim / reddit

23. This mouthpiece is so hilarious!

Via  deleted user / reddit

“He’s happy he found his bone.”

Do you have a pet who acts strangely at times? If so, don’t forget to share that weird image of your pet with us in the comments section below!


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