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18 Cats Dying For Attention

Cats are complicated creatures.

Even though I have been a cat parent for many years, I still have a lot to learn about this species. You can never fully know your cat. When you think you are finally getting the hang of it, your cat will pull a 180 on you and you will be back to square one. One moment they are hyper, playful and cuddling with you, and the next, they will scratch your face off if you try to touch them. Guessing a cat’s mood is nothing less than Russian roulette.


However, there are some things about cats that are very well known. Even though they may not show it, cats really love attention. They are desperate for it. And when you don’t give it to them, they will do all sorts of antics just to get your attention. If you need to see some examples, scroll down below to see 18 cats dying for attention:

Via amazing-creature

1. Hands up!

Via @StumblerTop

2. She probably got tired of asking for attention.


3. Filling the gaps.


4. Peek-a-boo!


Via @missenell

5. I am the tablet.


6. Boop! Turn around!


7. You can’t be productive if you have a cat around.


Via @dananessel

8. Excuse me, sir, pay attention to me.


9. Homework? What homework?


Have you ever spent the entire day trying to play with your cat and they just aren’t interested? But as soon as you start doing something else, they suddenly want to play? My cat does that all the time. He comes and sits on the laptop’s keyboard when I give up on him and shift my focus to my work. This proves that all they really care about is the attention you give them. Scroll down below for more attention-seeking cats:

10. Cats > Girlfriends.


Via @CdyRnkn

11. I’m going to take a nap right here.

12. Well, that is one way of getting attention.


Via @AHappierDay

13. Let me just squeeze in.

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14. I want to do some research too.


15. He can have all the snuggles he wants.

Via @professor_dave

16. Tap, tap.


17. I’m more important!

Via @Cats

18. He’s angry.


How does your cat ask for your attention? Let us know your stories in the comments below!


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