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20 Hysterical ‘Furry’ Accidents That Made Pet Owners Take Photos Instantly

The summers were all about furry goofiness! Jumping around being silly was the single most favorite thing our pets chose to do. We come across many instances where these fuzzy friends make a mess but we can’t stop smiling at them like madmen for being so adorable.


The mischievous eyes often do a lot of talking, that’s how we know that these fuzzy pets of ours have surely created a mess. No matter how troublesome or messy these little ones are, their cuteness takes over and melts our hearts.  The single stare of regret is enough to make us forgive and forget something they’ve done and laugh it off in a burst of loud laughter.

Here’s a collection of crazy moments where these floofs got themselves in some kind of trouble and don’t really have many regrets over it, we’re loving it… Keep your Awws loud enough so we can hear them and enjoy the moments with you, all over again!!

1. “Yeah, I totally meant to do that!”

via © shintje / imgur

Crampy spots are comfy spots

2. “Looks like he hit the chocolate fountain.”

via © RadioaktivJ / reddit

You said I was a sweet girl, as sweet as a chocolate

3. “Every time he gets caught doing something wrong, he makes this face, then looks at me like, “Dude, help me out here.”

via © unknown / imgur

Man, a little help here… Mom sounds pretty serious this time

4. It’s easy to carry this way

via © skiggitybombap / reddit

I wonder why is the bowl empty once I reach the living room?

5. “His ears disappear when he knows he’s busted.”

via © TankVet / reddit

Awww, little boy how bad could it be?

6. “That time my dog somehow managed to get a branch stuck in his collar and under his body”

via © LiveDragonFeet / reddit

They say staying close to nature helps you grow

7. “Went to check on the minis and found this derp, stuck.”

via © Kuboot / reddit

Forgot my way in, can’t find my way out now

8. “Am I using the swing right?”

via © woofle07 / reddit

Couldn’t have done it any better, little boy

9. “This jump was clearly miscalculated”

via © sxblxmxnxl / reddit

Maaaaa–nn, I think I am stuck

10. “Gets cone taken off, immediately finds cone and gets head stuck in cone backward…”

via © copperstateonthefly / reddit

I like it, like that

Hands-down to the funniest faces we have come across, this summer! These pet owners were lucky enough to capture their pets right after the encounters they have had. Also, we are only halfway through yet, so, keep scrolling to see some more furry innocence!

11. I think I climbed a little too tall

via © cholyena / reddit

That instant of regret

12. “Don’t just stare at me, help me take it off, human!”

via © unknown / reddit

Let me laugh first, cat!

13. “Mom just sent me this. I think he’s stuck.”

via © scooby_2000 / reddit

He seems to have been enjoying, just sayin’

14. “It’s the puss in a boot!”

via © Everybody_move / reddit

15. “I regret nothing!”

via © podcastsjunkie / reddit

Can you let me have fun, for once?

16. The instant you realize you should have taken the other route

via © aspie-asexual / reddit

17. “She took a nap like this.”

via © alitteralbean / reddit

A comfortable nap

18. “Human, can you provide me with another rock to step on?”

via © unknown / imgur

How did you get there, in the first place?

19. “The look on this kitten’s face screams ‘worth it.’ “

via © Heisen-Bro / reddit

You make the best pasta, human

20. Today’s a feast day

via © bertie.puss / instagram

We’ve had a good time dealing with this furry mess, all summer!

You must have come across similar encounters because our pets never rest, they’re always up for exploring something. If you were lucky enough to capture such moments with your pets, make sure to share them with us… This is our single most favorite topic on the web!


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