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22 “Oops” Times When Visiting The Vet Didn’t Go According to Plan

Vet days are like a horrifying tale for our little furry canines. It’s a hate-hate thing for our pets to visit the vet, no matter how gentle the doctor may be. It’s a struggle to take them to the vet clinic, often it just ends up as us dragging them or putting them in a cage to take them along.


No matter how old your cat or dog may be, vet days make them anxious. You often would have to fool them that it’s just a fun visit to the park and instead take them to the vet, that’s the only way they’ll get in the car, or else they’ll just hideaway at a secret hiding spot around the house. It may take you the whole day to find them, then.

Here’s how the owners tricked their little fuzzies into going to the park and instead took them for their follow-up to the vet. The moment the pets get to realize that it’s not the way to the park but actually the way to the vet’s clinic, their faces flush off and that look they gave them is just hilarious!

1. Just assume I am dead, dead needs no treatment

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“And the Oscar for Best dog-actor in a vet series goes to…”

2. You tricked me again, didn’t you?

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How do I always fall for your tricks, hooman

3. Taking the alternative route to the vet worked till we got to the parking

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4. Trying to escape before his checkup

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Doggo you’ll escape only if you activate the ‘liquid mode’.

5. Please, Please no needles and pricks this time

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Bribing the doc with those hugs

6. The ‘I knew it look’ we get when she realized we were going to the vet

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You traitor

7. Who says only a dog could give us that puppy eyes look?

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This cat’s a pro at that, especially when we reach the vet

8. Just say there’s no dog around

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The two times he hides away like that

1: during a thunderstorm

2: when we’re at the vet

9. “The doctor thought we came in without her”


No no, we just have to spot her!

10. When the vet’s assistant walks in to tell, next is your turn

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Oh boy, it’s time

11. Why do we need a vet, anyway?

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Those looks of betrayal the owners received are just so on point and make a lot of sense, lol. Don’t miss out more of the priceless reactions we received from the kitties and doggies, on realizing where they had arrived instead of the park… Keep scrolling

12. What? You didn’t tell me it’s a vet day!

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Well, you wouldn’t have come otherwise doggo…

13. This isn’t the park road

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14. I don’t see them means they don’t see me, either

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Out of sight, out of mind!

15. “Don’t act smart, I know where we are now.”

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16. That’s the soap bubbles, no cats here

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Furry bubbles

17. The moment he sees his vet

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Just pretend like you’re asleep.

18. You chose the wrong hiding spot little one

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Hmm, wonder where the doggo is.

19. I am too sleepy today, we’ll go to the vet tomorrow

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20. Tell the vet, you didn’t see me around

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And we shall talk when we get home, hooman.

21. You liar, that’s not sally’s home, it’s her mom’s clinic since she is the VET

via lifewithnaty

Hooman, why you always gotta lie?!

22. Lets say goodbye to my toys, first

via thepuptart

Pretty sure this doggo thought it was a good hiding spot!

The struggle can be real, dragging these meows and woofs to the vet is a serious job to do. What excuses do you come up with while taking them to the vet? Does your pet get cranky listening to the V-word? Share your struggles with us in the comments section below! Don’t forget to share this with your loved ones, or maybe even your vet!


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