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18 Animals That Don’t Need To Speak To Express Their Feelings Because Their Faces Say It All

Animals can express their emotions without speaking.

Have you ever imagined how life would be like if our pets could speak just like us? How different life would have been? How different our relationship with our pets would have been? They would have so much to tell us and we are sure life would have been fun with our pets talking non-stop. Well, our pets can’t speak yet they can communicate their feelings pretty well.  They would sit next to you, make a face and you would instantly know what they want. A pet owner can tell what their pet has in their minds. Today, we have made a beautiful collection of some of the photos of our adorable pets that do not need any speaking skills to communicate their feelings because it’s written on their faces. Scroll down because we are sure they will lift your mood.

1. Look at how happy he is after getting his first grooming session.


© EmergencyVegetable / reddit

2. The bond my dog and grandpa share is irreplaceable.


© Amnesia19 / reddit

3. Adopted a friend for our parrot and they are already in love with each other.


© PhotographyByAdri / reddit

We have love birds in the house!

4. This happy duckling loves to shower.


© u/belps- / reddit

5. “What kind of CATerpillar is this?”


© kameahh / reddit

The cutest caterpillar has been found!

6. Meet Hazel. She loves to do this.


© CincyJones / reddit

What a lovely cat! We are in love.

7. When you have sensitivity but can’t resist seeing ice cream.

© gegegevin / reddit

8. “Quokkas are the face of happiness.”


© hellosamish / reddit

9. She is making new friends while she is stuck in the traffic jam.

© Hanzaplast1 / reddit

Also, stealing hearts. Multi-tasking is on point! Pets are so much more capable than you can imagine. Their faces tell us what they want and how they are feeling about a certain situation. We can tell when they are happy and when they are sad. It’s the best thing about pets. If you are a pet owner, make sure you understand their language and provide them with everything that makes them happy. Scroll down to watch more cute pets doing little things while we can clearly read their faces.

10. Yay! We did it, partner.


© c1spicy / reddit

Pets who give high-fives are our favorite.

11. Early to bed, early to rise. Makes a doggo healthy, wealthy and wise.

© elee0228 / reddit

12. Is there anything a cat has not tried sleeping in?


© Pikathulu42 / reddit

She looks so comfy.

13. When you are madly in love with each other, you don’t care about the world.

© dmavs420 / reddit

14. Ponca and his hooman!


© p***scapelocal / reddit

15. Arthur is happy to see his portrait.

© Murraj1966 / reddit

16. You can see her love for her owner in those little eyes.


© happyafk / reddit

17. He is enjoying his ride!

© catsrlife13 / reddit

18. “The animal handlers at the Oregon Zoo took Elephant around to meet some other animals. The sea lions were her favorite.”


© travelstars / reddit

Pets stay happy with their human friends but the kind of connection they feel with other animals is priceless. They are the happiest when they meet other animals and we love seeing our lovely pets in a happy mood. If you are a pet owner, can you read your pet’s face? Can you tell when they are happy or when they are sad? Comment down below to let us know about your favorite photo from the list.


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