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14 Tweets That Prove Kids Have The Ability To Turn Any Situation Into A Hilarious One With Their Innocent Comedy

Kids can turn ugly days into perfect days with just one statement.

The little ones really are blessed with special magical powers. I really have no idea how have they managed to master this talent at such a young age but kids, for some reason, know how to turn any situation around and make it funny. No matter how bad of a day you are having or you’ve been through a terrible life phase, you just need to have a conversation with a child for 5 minutes maximum, and I am willing to bet all my assets on this, at the end of that conversation you will be laughing and all the negative thoughts will be out of your brain like they never existed.

Yes, the whole parenting process cannot be ignored in terms of how challenging and exhausting it can be. Bringing up a child is not an easy task and requires so many compromises. But amidst all of this are moments of joy, laughter, and happiness that you get to cherish and that’s a huge motivation for parents to keep going. There’s always a right path and a wrong path, you just have to identify the two and choose the correct one, and you will succeed.

Today we have got into our searching wan and went to the deep jungle of Twitter and dug out some tweets for you that are going to prove little kids are magicians and can make any person laugh no matter how bad their day was previously going.

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1. I swear that’s all you see in an X-ray, just some bones. The disease identification part should be left with the doctors. Kids are just into bones.

Via DrSpooky_ER / Twitter

2. He is going to be a chef, just know this already woman.


Via caseyjparker / Twitter

3. It’s the experience that counts and if it is an eating experience, no one loses.

The daughter isn’t wrong if you think about it.


Via Dad_At_Law / Twitter

4. There always be some space in the stomach for a cookie. Always.


Via Chhapiness / Twitter

5. Just eat it for the deliciousness, kid.


Via OyVeyLady / Twitter

6. Improvisation at its peak.


Via XplodingUnicorn / Twitter

7. What do you call this level of sibling rivalry? I can’t think of anything after reading this.


Via peachesanscream / Twitter

This has to be made up. I mean, how can a kid even think about such things? A little girl faked a phone call, and another one gave a lecture on life experiences, and what is happening over here. I know only one thing and that’s kids are amazing comedians. I am having an amazing laugh at these innocent yet solid statements and responses, and I hope you guys are too.

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8. It’s a good priority but you should ask your 4-year-old this same question when they turn 25.


Via XplodingUnicorn / Twitter

9. She’s doing a great job at it.


Via mom_tho / Twitter

10. I am with the kid on this one, I don’t understand why parents feed this stuff to their children, it is disgusting. There are other ways of getting healthy.


Via OyVeyLady / Twitter

11. It’s a cuter pronunciation and I like it.

Via MichaelVogel1 / Twitter

12. She is very well aware of her realities.


Via BunAndLeggings / Twitter

13. This one took a major turn.

Via oneawkwardmom / Twitter

14. Who are you and what did you do to my mom?


Via MyMomologue / Twitter

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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Via Ew_david_ew

Cat tax.

“Answered a message on Nextdoor about a cat abandoned in a house alone for a year. Her owner fell and went into care and the house went up for sale. A caretaker left dry food out once in a while. The first pic is from the real estate agent of the house. The second pic is her home with us. She’s about 15.”


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