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Recruiter Makes A Fool Out Of Themselves While Trying To Get Someone Fired, Gets Humiliated On Twitter

The world can be an evil place.

People really do not believe in “live and let live” anymore. It is not even about minding your own business, some people are just plain evil. They want to cause trouble for others even if it brings them no gain. Other than the twisted mental satisfaction that they will get from someone else’s downfall, there is really no motive for them to try to ruin someone else’s life. Some people just want to create chaos and drama. People like that really need to get a taste of their own medicine now and then. They need to learn their lesson. You can not just go around trying to snitch on people or sabotage their careers. But sadly, Karens like these exist everywhere and we have to put up with them. Some people deal with them quietly and do not give them any response. They believe that silence is the best answer for some fools. This is understandable; Why waste your time trying to school someone who just refuses to listen? It will just end up in a huge argument that will get you nowhere and arguing with an idiot is pointless. However, some people believe that people like that need to be taught a lesson or two so that they will be more careful in the future before messing with somebody else. That is also okay. Someone needs to tell these people off and put them in their place. They don’t own the world and they just can not go around doing whatever the hell they want. They need to learn about consequences. I am sure once they face the repercussions, they will think twice before messing around in other people’s businesses in the future.


Tommy Mason is a product designer who had an exchange with a job recruiter that had a problem with his Twitter humour. The recruiter tried to tell on Tommy but actually ended up making a complete fool out of themselves. Scroll down below to read the whole story.


1. Stop lying.

Destoryed the guy in one reply.


And the clown tries to get him again but fails.


This person was way out of line, in my opinion. They were really out to assassinate someone’s career and for what? Absolutely nothing. They would have gotten nothing out of it other than some twisted satisfaction. This was a very malicious and evil act. I am glad they made a laughing stock of themselves on the Internet. They really deserved it.

1. Rightfully so.



2. It needs courage to reply your senior in this fashion.



3. And just like that, snitches get ousted.



4. He should get doxxed.



5. A Double snitch job.



6. This guy does not deserve to be a senior.



7. I hope there is an exclusive zone only for people like this.



How would you have reacted if someone tried to snitch on you like this? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below.


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