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18 Kitties Showing Off Their Perfectly Pink Toe Beans To Make Your Day

Cats are perfect head to toe.

I am very serious. Have you seen that perfect human face that went viral once? As in, this one person decided to show the internet how a sexy face should look like and how should all the facial features be positioned in order to make you look the hottest. Well, cats don’t need any cosmetic surgeries or photoshop edits to look perfect. They just are. And no, you cannot start the whole ‘nobody is perfect’ argument because we have already established that that particular argument ignored the existence of cats. Think about it. A perfectly round floofy face with a nice curve running through the back, big innocent eyes, tiny cute size, and those adorable looking kitty toe beans.


Cats realize that humans consider them perfect. So cats being cats, their show-off selves make sure they milk every single bit of that praise. Today we’ve got 18 perfect kitties who have perfectly pink toe beans. And they love showing them off.

Scroll down below to enjoy.

1. The contrast fashion will never die. Not for cats at least.

Via ktoc13

2. Just stretching and definitely not showing off the perfectly pink beans.


Via hforheather

3. Clean beans.


Via lovelygoblin

4.Honestly, they look too good to be real. You only get to see just perfect beans on toy cats.


Via catgasm

5. Just put some treats on here beans.


Via BigBunnyButts

6. “It took me 420 years to get them perfect.”


Via transonicduke

7. My paw looks like a person smiling beans.


Via Credit: Missamazon

8. Satisfying beans!


Via snake121

9. I know you’re all eager to pop that button.


Via lycheetoot

I hope you guys are enjoying it. I know the jealousy levels are high. Here’s a disclaimer. Try not to look at your does as soon as you finish viewing this. Because that could cause some serious damage to your confidence. So, before you all get distracted, let’s get back to the perfectly pink toe beans.

10. Don’t mess with this cat or else it will bean you off of this planet.


Via _thoreau_aiweiwei_

11. Awwdorable beans.

Via moongoddess4x4

12. Modelling for vogue beans.


Via niamhish

13. I mean, we can clearly see who the winner is here. Of course, the cat!

Via sobraticmethod

14. “No! I’m not wearing any makeup right now. Here, snap my beans instead. Tag me!”


Via Reddit

15. Rainbow beans!

Via I-have-a-cute-cat

16. Thanks to genes beans.


Via Brrger

17. Beans need to rest to maintain that natural glow.

Via mcscribbons

18. Right after ab expensive mani-pedi session.


Via Mouninette

There we go. Just wrote another chapter in the ‘cats are perfect’ book. No, the book is not gonna end anytime soon because these adorable cats just keep on giving. You know what, I’m just going to put it out there. I think cats deserve to throw all that shade that they do. Do you know why? Because of all the rich, fun, hilarious, cute, lovely, adorable, heartwarming, and all other positive words, content that these cute kitties give us. Seriously, what would have we done without cats.

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