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Here’s Why You Should Let Your Cat Sleep With You

It’s an appealing mental image; a cat parent(s) snuggled up in bed with their furry friend, cat-snoozing at the foot of the bed—or even up by their head, on the pillow. Most cat parents love it when their kitty twists up next to them; it’s so comforting and pure!


It’s been noted that owning a cat can bring down tension levels, furnish friendship, and help with emotional issues; for example, depression and anxiety.

Most cats are playful and mischievous, giving long periods of entertainment and a good time for the entire family. Numerous individuals see their pets as members of their family and keep them around for family ventures, such as, taking them on vacations, getting them presents on various occasions and even set up Facebook or Instagram accounts for them. People viewing their cats as a family member is such an adorable idea, but is it okay for them to sleep in the same bed? Yes it surely is!

Don’t worry! We have done the research for you. Here are the reasons why you and your cat should share a bed!


1. Sense of Security

When we talk about cats, we know that they belong to the predators category. It is in their genes to hunt, prey and feed on their preys. We also often see our domestic cats catching flies and little insects. But the downside of hunt and prey is that it brings along the feeling of vulnerability. Sleeping is the time when cats feel vulnerable. We know all of us like a little support in times of vulnerability. Same is the thing with cats.

Cats are choosy about where they want to sleep. So if they sleep with you in your bed, it is probably because they feel secure around you and less vulnerable. It may be a little nap or a long night’s sleep, if your cat prefers cuddling up with you in your bed, then congratulations! You have gained their compassion and trust. Just like respect needs to be earned, a cat’s trust is also like that. It needs to be earned, it’s not just given to anyone and everyone.


2. I’m Yours and You Are Mine, What’s Yours Is Also Mine, Hooman!

Having a special bond and connection with your cat is a very precious feeling. Cats also want to mark their territory (a predator thing). Bed is a very cozy place, and having a warm blanket makes it cozier. And just like humans, cats also love being cozy and snuggled up in a bed. Your cat sleeping with you in your bed is them showing their territory and basically telling you that “you are my human, and your bed is also mine and so is your house……”

Cats also prefer sleeping near your neck and head, do you know why? It’s because just like any other living being, cats don’t like being disturbed while sleeping. They want an uninterrupted sleep. Your head and neck move the least while sleeping unlike legs and arms.

In addition to a good uninterrupted sleep, these areas also provide warmth to cats which is also another reason why they are more fond of these areas.


3. I Love Being Around You My Human, You Make Me Happy.

During the day, most of us are busy with jobs/education and household work. One might not be able to give proper attention and care to their cats. They obviously want our attention and care. They crave companionship and love. And they know how to get our attention. So your cat cuddling up with you in your bed is their way of getting  all the things they’ve been craving throughout. They love being around you and they feel comfortable around you, and you should definitely feel lucky about that.


Your cat sleeping with you in your bed also has great health benefits. Bill Fish, a co-founder of, revealed:

“Having a guest in bed with you also reduces stress as well as brings warmth and comfort. As you feel your cat’s rhythmic breathing, it soothes you and helps you get to sleep more quickly.”

One’s anxiety and stress level can be controlled or lowered when you let your cat sleep with you. Dr. Steve Weinberg, founder of 911 VETS says that sleeping with cats can provide comfort and be relaxing, thus helping with anxiety. It can also help with nightmares.


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