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People Recreate Famous Movie Scenes With Everyday Things They Find at Home, Here Are Best Ones

As we know that concerts have postponed, restaurants are closed, schools are closed, tourists hot spots are shut down, most of us aren’t allowed to leave our houses during this pandemic. Remaining inside is a good way of keeping ourselves safe, but it gets tough staying disconnected with the outer world. However, staying at home has given us something that most of us didn’t have before the pandemic/quarantine. TIME! Yes, we all have plenty of time now.


With so much excessive time in our hands and nothing to do, people have come out with hilarious ideas that can keep you entertained even during this lock-down. People have been recreating a lot of things with their family members such as recreating famous painting, then Australians dressed up for taking out the trash. Now people are recreating famous movie and show scenes to keep themselves and others entertained during this pandemic!

These people have decided to kill time by recreating these famous scenes. These are really hilarious and will crack you up big time! Scroll below to see how amusing and humorous these recreation photos are!

1. The shining

Run for your life, or the cat will attack you with its cute lil paws!

2. Commando


All hail to the paper power! Fire in the recreated photo is so real! Could even use an iPhone 11 pro. Jussayin!

3. Brokeback Mountain


Can someone tell the difference? They look the same to me. Both of them are giving a back hug to their loyal friends.

4. The Revenant


Everyone would want to get attacked by this cute leetul wolf in the remake.

5. Thor


Love what he did with his hair.

6. Alien


Cat emerging out from a hooman!!! Could this get any more genuine?

7. Lion king


I think this is every child’s dream to get featured in a remake of this classic lion king scene! p.s the belt works perfectly as a tail!!

8. The notebook


Carrying your dog is a lot easier than carrying a girl. Also, dogs are loyal…

9. Ghost


It’s time to make some clay pots with the kitty!!

10. Nightmare on Elm Street.


When you don’t know any good SFX makeup artist, so you just use pizza.

Loving these remakes? Well, you should be feeling lucky as we have more for you. Scroll down and see!

11. Iron man

Take that heart out!!

12. Mad Max: Fury Road


AHAHA. Did you notice the teddy bear in the jeep?

13. Spiderman

The only kisses single people want are the kisses from their doggos…

14. E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial


Time to take your kitty on a bicycle ride. Also, this person has great editing skills!!

15. Scarface

All-purpose flour and a shot of apple juice (some brilliant expressions as well) are all you need to remake this iconic scene.

16. The fifth element


Well, the movie producers actually could’ve used toilet paper to make her dress.

17. Titanic

Recreating the most iconic movie scene. Is it only me who thinks that the remake is a lot better than the original?

18. Maleficient


All you need is….bin bags?

19. Game of thrones

Who is the mother of dragons? Or the remake can be named as “Father of toy dragons.”

20. The graduate


They both are ready to get some action.

21. Men in black

I feel like it was a missed opportunity not to draw faces on those eggs, drawing faces would’ve been a perfect recreation.

Would you like recreating some of these iconic movie scenes with your family? Because I would love to do that. Which one was your favourite recreated photo? Let us know in the comments section below!


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