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19 Liquid Cats That Can Fit Into Any Box

Cats are liquid and there is no doubt about it.

Cats go by their principle “If I fits, I sits.” That means that they can assume the shape of any object they want to sit in. They are shape-shifters. You already know how cats are. Cats can pretty much climb on and into anything. Whether it’s under the bed or on your head, the cat will make its way through. What is it about cats and weird places to hang out in? We’re not sure. But we know that a cat’s favorite place has to be a box. A cardboard box, any size and any color, is the ideal place for the cat to be in. According to researchers, cardboard boxes provide comfort and security to cats. As if we weren’t providing enough! They also use it as a hiding spot where predators can’t sneak up on them. Is that what it is? Are we predators to them? We’re hurt. But that doesn’t mean we’ll stop, right? We’ll sneak up on them 24/7. Stop us if you can.


But there’s something crazy about cats and boxes. Understanding the cat’s mind is not an easy job. They’re the first ones to call dibs on ANY box that you might have. No joke. Got a parcel? The box goes to the cat. And if you’re shifting houses with a cat? Don’t forget to check the boxes before going to bed. You literally have no choice. The cat does what it has to do. But their ability to squeeze into little boxes is great. How can one even do that? These cats leave us with no answers. Guess we’ll just have to look at them do their thing.

Look at these cute ‘I sit if I fit’ moments of these cats in boxes we have gathered for you. You’re definitely in for some fun today.

1. “Oh yeah, this position is everything.”

via zoey_from_west_philly

When you gotta do the morning stretch…on your box of course!

2. When you finally find the right words to describe yourself…

via milamarukovutalis

This is it. The end of my misery.

3. This beauty came in the beauty package…

via yuan2598

Both the cat and the box get to stay.

4. ‘What part of leave me alone don’t you understand..stoopid hooman!’


How you be when you wanna get the best of both worlds.

5. “Sunday box paw-ty”

via lady_nymeria_siberiancats

Assembled the cats’ bunk bed…It cost a total of $0. Win-win situation.

6. “One of these things is not like the other…”

via squidys_tail

And therefore, it shall own it.

7. Any day is better…

via sofie1111

…when enjoyed in your favorite box.

8. Caught between a nap and a box?

via ginger_ninja_zyggi

Not a problem!

Did y’all see that? We told you it was crazy. Cat’s love for cardboard boxes is so immense that it has gotten us questioning our relationship. Was it not good enough? Tell us cat, tell us! Or maybe if we had the power to transform into boxes, we wouldn’t even take a second to think. We know we have to do everything to keep the cat happy. Even if that means leaving it alone in a box…sure, no problem. We’ll just stand and admire from afar. Anyways, YOU need to keep scrolling!

9. When you’re traveling in a car with a big family…

via tundenna

Travel safe fam!

10. ‘So you’re saying we shouldn’t be sitting in the box?’

via chonkychowzy

‘Sorry..not convinced!’

11. “Leggo my Eggo, please.”

via marialeumana

Looks delicious in that box!

12. ‘Finally, there’s a box!’

via baby_sween

Apparently, any size would do.

13. Me: ‘Can I get one of your boxes?’ The salesperson at David’s: ‘Oh you mean shoes?’ Me: ‘No…’

via kingofcatnip

Leaving the bridal store with an empty box must’ve been awkward. But hey, the cat’s happy.

14. When you’ve been grounded but you don’t care because you’ve got everything you need…

via sophiiejoy_

Not all losses are a lose. Ya know what I’m sayin’?

15. Cat logic:

via z.e.v.a.z

If it looks like a box, I MUST FIT.

16. “Help! I’m stuck!”

via bongdal_moon

“Naaahh, just kiddin”

17. When you can’t fit in a box but you’re also not a quitter.


I can and I will.

18. Human: ‘But this box is too small to fit in’

via theadventuresofpablo_

Cat: ‘Nonsense! This box is plenty big.’

19. “This is my box. Find your own!”

via eeesthergram

This cat’s gonna make us pay for it if we bother. We shall never!

Woahhh! Too cute. We do understand that there has to be an underlying reason for their act but they look so perfect in those boxes, we can’t help it. Cats need boxes or other sort of shelters that they can hide into…just to feel safer. And hey, we’ve got absolutely no problem. Whatever the cat wants, it gets. Whether it is a real box or a square taped on the ground (we know you’ve seen those), all the want is a hidey spot. Which also explains why they prefer our shoes and shopping bags. So what do you think about cats and their love for boxes? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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