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19 Pets Who Showed Amazing Glow Ups After They Finally Found Their Forever Homes

Shelters are a good option for stray animals but nothing is as good as a loving home.

Stray animals that we see on the streets are living an awful life; they do not get a proper diet, they don’t get cleaned and most importantly, they are deprived of love. They do not get the love they deserve. The world would become a better place if every animal living on the streets or in the shelters get a loving home. There are some good people in this world whose hearts melt when they see an abandoned animal. They would run to save these animals and trust us, there is nothing better than helping an animal. These animals would return the favor one day. Today, we have 19 animals who were rescued by kind people and found their forever homes. Scroll down!


1. “Scared coming home from the shelter a year ago, and the confident handsome man he is one year later. Happy adoption day Buddy!”

© YomTheNinjaKnitter / Reddit

From being scared to being a confident handsome man.

2. “Boris just found his forever home”


© unknown / Reddit

Boris is a 6-year-old American bulldog and he is happy to be home.

3. “Before adoption/2 weeks after/ 1 month after. Her ears slowly went from floppy and half up to full upright ears like a German Shepherd would have!”


© GaymerGeekTV / Reddit© GaymerGeekTV / Reddit

Meet Artemis, he is getting happier and more comfortable with every passing week.

4. “This is our little rescue buddy, Nimbus. Found him in the rain, eating out of pizza boxes by himself. Vet said he was about 5-6 weeks old.”


© Captain_Keyboard_Man / Reddit

Nimbus was muddy when they found him but they gave him a good bath and found a handsome boi. At first, Nimbus was scared of his owners but now he is getting comfortable.

5. “Up top: Eleanor on her rescue profile when she was quiet and reserved. Down below: a happy and comfortable Eleanor 3 months into her forever home”


© afkstudios / Reddit

Eleanor has beautiful ears.

6. “Meet Casper (as “she’s so quick, that she’s almost invisible, like a ghost”). It took us a week to catch her in the middle of cold winter. She was scared and hiding constantly for several months. It’s 1,5 years later now :)”


© madkaolasu / Reddit

Casper is so beautiful that she can be the Queen of the house.

7. “I run a cat rescue. The little one was found dumped in a trash can at the beach. The big one is my boy and the best foster dad ever.”


© c77654321 / Reddit

What kind of people dump cats in the trash cans? Thanks to this human for saving this little baby.

8. “My black cat Zeus (he was stray cat)”


© ZeusandSushi / Reddit

From being a scared baby to being a confident, big girl.

 9. “Meet Poundcake. He’s blind and deaf but follows me everywhere. He knows when I’m away from him and can sense when I’m feeling down. I adopted him from the pound 4 years ago. He saved me more than I saved him.”


© mugirl2003 / Reddit

Save an animal and he will save you. Animals are packed with love, just try one and we are sure you will fall in love. Animals do not trust any human that easily. They are scared at first but with time, they would start getting more and more comfortable with you. They would know that you are their hooman and they would love you like no one else.

10. “the day Stella came home (March) and today (May 31)”


© JuggleMeThis / Reddit© JuggleMeThis / Reddit

We can see the difference in the energy.

11. First day of rescue versus 5 years later:

© cynman / Reddit

She saved this doggo in the 2015 floods.

12. “I adopted him two hours ago and he was purring before he got out of the carrier.”


© vssecret / Reddit

13. “Mary, the dog rescued from the street with a collar ingrown to her trachea. Before and after in 2 months.”

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Mary was a domestic dog. She was either lost or kicked out of the house because her collar was not removed. The new owner rescued her and saved her life.

14. “A rescued baby ringtail possum warming up in front of car heater”


© Bectionet1976 / Reddit

15. “I found him in a parking garage, all matted and flea-ridden. Here he is 9 months later.”

© DerShams / Reddit© DerShams / Reddit

From looking homeless to looking like he owns the house.

16. “Three months ago, our guy was days away from being put down in a kill shelter. He face was covered in a stress rash, cuts and bald patches. Our spoiled baby is now thriving in every way…”


© midgeless / Reddit

17. “Tiny, covered in fleas, and very feral. Now, Ivy is a lovable destroyer of toys and cardboard boxes.”

© RaeKay14 / Reddit

18. She was found in the middle of a busy highway:


© highwaykitty / Instagram© highwaykitty / Instagram

19. “These cats followed me home a couple months ago, we found their owners the next day. It was nice having their company while it lasted hehe”

© ina_oldman / Reddit

Have you ever rescued a pet? If yes, share your pet’s before and after photos with us.


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